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Local Moves Need To Be Organized Too! | Winter Moving & Storage | NWA

Forty million people move each year, and over half of those are local moves within the same county. Regardless of whether you move across town or across the country, organization means less stress all around! Some think that local moves require a lot less preparation, but that is really not true. Read on for some tips for making a smooth transition from one home to the next.

Check Rooms / Storage

Two months out, take a look at what is in every closet, storage space, garage and attic. Chances are, some items have stockpiled that you can give to the local thrift shop. Other than heirlooms, if several seasons have passed and items have not been used, then you can probably let them go without a blink of an eye. People tend to hold on to things for sentimental reasons, or because there “may” be a use for it some time. But moving day reminds us that perhaps it is best to just let some things go.

Pack Little Objects

Begin your arduous task with the little knickknacks and memorabilia. Know that this portion does take a long time. And you want to avoid being rushed during the packing. To prepare, gather different sized boxes, rolls of tape, a thick pen and plenty of newspaper. When finished with a box, you will be pleased on the other side, if you make note on the outside what the contents are.

Pack Non-Essentials

When moving day is in about a month, you want to gather all the items that you don’t use. Clothes out of season, bedding, and extra supplies – all of these may be boxed at this time and you will be glad a good portion of the packing will already be done, even for local moves. You will be amazed how quickly time flies now!

Schedule Final Cleanup

You want to keep in mind timing. And assume you will be tired. Think ahead of what cleaning materials will be needed. Prepare a space for all those items with a note that they are to remain, to avoid energetic family members from boxing them. Work on rooms no longer used to get ahead.

Boxed Items

Decide where you want to begin stacking all your packed boxes for local moves. Do you wish to line them in the garage, turn the den or living room into temporary storage, or perhaps an extra bedroom? Continue to write the contents on each box. If you need some last minute item, you know where you can find it. And when unloading the truck, you know in which room to set it. As the boxes are stacked, you will have a feel for what sized truck will be needed for your local moves.

Winter Moving & Storage Bentonville, AR

You may decide to have help with packing and moving. We can assist in choosing the size of the truck and what packing supplies you need. When you call in the professionals, you want to be treated with courtesy and respect. At Winter Moving & Storage, we are a family-owned business and attend to your needs.

This is more than a business to us. We understand the emotions of moving to a new school, job and home. These are major stresses, and we work hard to reduce as much of it as possible with our friendly and helpful staff. You are more than a customer – you are a friend in need of assistance. Give us a call today for a free estimate, more moving tips and guidelines. We are here to help you with your next move.

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