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Are you planning a move across the state or country? A long-distance moving company is your best shot at a timely, efficient, and cost-effective intrastate or interstate move. Long-distance moving requires professional planning, access to state-of-the-art trucks, moving tools, and legal papers in case of a state-to-state move.

Winter Moving and Storage encompasses all your intrastate and interstate moving and storage needs. Contact us to request a long-distance moving quote and arrange a specific moving date.

Our Services

Here is a comprehensive list of long-distance moving services we offer at Winter Moving and Storage:

  • In-home moving estimates. A Winter Moving and Storage agent will come to your home at your discretion and provide you a proper estimate of your long-distance move, all factors considered.
  • Packing and unpacking. Our movers have the necessary training to handle fragile and non-fragile items. Rest assured, the movers will pack every last item in your home safely and unpack them in the same manner at your destination.
  • Loading and offloading. Our movers use high-tech tools and equipment to load and offload heavy items from our long-distance moving trucks.
  • Moving. Our movers will take you from your current location to your desired location regardless of the distance. We move home and office owners across counties, cities, states, and country borders.
  • Shipment tracking. Besides keeping you posted at all times, we help you track your shipment tracking in case of an international move.
  • Online moving resources. You can also check out our expert-sourced online moving resources to keep you updated and informed.

Expedited Long-Distance Moving Services

Are you in a hurry to move? With our expedited long-distance move services, you can expect a timely delivery to your new residence, oftentimes with the same movers who the items from your home. We go the extra mile to provide an exact arrival date to your new location, allowing you to settle in as soon as possible.

Why Choose Winter Moving and Storage?

  1. Global Recognition

Winter Moving and Storage is a full-service agent for Atlas Van Lines, Inc, one of the top movers in the US and a highly industry-rated player.

  1. Comprehensive Moving Services

Besides the traditional packing and moving services that we have perfected, our long-distance moving services also fall into different categories, including residential, commercial, international, etc. Additionally, we provide climate-controlled storing and packing services for our long-distance moving clients.

  1. Safe and Reliable Long-Distance Moving

Are you skeptical about your items’ safety? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration highlights regulations to protect consumers’ moves. At Winter Moving and Storage, we are fully compliant with all FMCSA regulations to guard your move, whether local, state, country, or internationally. You can rely on Winter Moving and Storage to safely move your home or office across borders.

  1. Favorable Moving and Storage Rates

A Winter Moving and Storage long-distance move will vary from move to move. We calculate and estimate the moving costs based on the shipment’s weight and how far you want it moved. Rest assured, our average prices are relatively market-friendly, unlike our competitors. Enjoy honest dealings at Winter Moving and Storage.

Contact Winter Moving and Storage

Ready for a long-distance move? Few companies come close to the reliability, timeliness, transparency, and comprehensive moving services we offer at Winter Moving and Storage. Contact us to request a long-distance moving estimation or plan an actual long-distance move.

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