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Moving can be costly and quite draining regardless of the distance. This explains why it is ranked among the top stress-causing issues. It is often a life-changing event that ushers you into a new page. Therefore, it is critical to prepare and plan for it efficiently.

Times have changed, and today there are many moving companies can help you move. People think that hiring a moving company will cost them a fortune, but those are assumptions that are completely unfounded. Are you planning to move, but you don’t have enough money with you? Then stick around, in this article we will give you some tips and tricks on making relocation less expensive. They include the following:

  1. Get an Estimation of Moving Costs

In most cases, moving is charged per hour, which means that time will be a factor in determining the cost you will incur. Making inquiries from different moving companies will give you a rough idea of how much it will cost you to move.

Some moving companies do a free estimate, and Winter & Moving Company is among them. Having these costs beforehand will help you settle for what favors your pocket.

  1. Avoid Paying for Boxes

Have you ever known that boxes are the minting point for moving companies? They will charge so exorbitantly for them. You can get off the hook by finding moving boxes on your own.

Make use of the printer boxes in your office or ask friends to assist you with some. You can also check out in the stores and get a few packing boxes. This trick will lower the moving cost significantly.

  1. Throw Away What You Don’t Need

Many of us have a lot of baggage that we no longer use in our homes. This could be a pile of newspapers, old clothes, or shoes. There is no better time of getting rid of them than when you are moving. Anything that you no longer use should not be tugged along with.

Most movers will thrive on that extra weight and charge you more. You can donate or sell whatever you are not using. Besides, this will help you prepare for the new life ahead and push you to invest in better stuff.

  1. Don’t Move During the Moving Season

Summer is known as the moving season, thanks to its warmth. Nobody wants to move in heavy jackets with ice falling all over the place. Moving off the season will greatly cut down the moving expenses. It may be challenging, but that won’t be anything compared to what you will save.

Most moving companies have few clients during the off-season, and this is why you should take advantage of that. You can be sure to get a better offer and pay less for it.

  1. Pack Your Things by Yourself

 It is indisputable that movers are fast in packing, but that makes it costly. This is more so if they charge the packing per hour. Planning early and packing your stuff will give you a cheap relocation experience. You can start packing a week before the moving dates, and if there is a limited time, you can engage some friends to help you out.


Moving is stressful, time, and energy-consuming. It might leave you drained, especially if you are busy and on a tight budget. Moving companies can be costly at times, and this why the above-discussed tricks and tips might be your savior.

If you apply them, you will save money and have an easy moving experience. This will also save on your time and energy. Have you been wondering how you will pull through with moving?

Are you about to move? Apart from utilizing the above pocket friendly tips, you can capitalize on the friendly rates offered by Winter & Moving Company. You can contact them for a free assessment and one of their knowledgeable employees would be at your service.

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