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Maximizing the Efficiency of Local Moves | Winter Moving & Storage

When local moves are something you have finally decided to do, it is time to start thinking logistically. As the day approaches, the chaos will increase. Chores at your new home will begin to temporarily mesh with chores from your old one, and getting your old home ready for either your landlord’s inspection or to show properly will be very significant.

Create Your Checklist

A moving checklist may seem overly picky for local moves, but keeping a task list will help you to stay organized. As the most chaotic day approaches, your checklist will become a true friend and source of crucial sanity. As each step is checked off, it is done and can be put out of your mind. There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of these tasks before the move is completely done.

Build in an Overlap

It is usually a good idea to plan for at least a week of “shakedown” time at the new place, just to get things basically in place. It may be several weeks to months before everything is completely settled, but you will be happy to make sure your new place is clean and ready for the many trips that may take several days.


Purging old things is a valuable part of the moving process. At some level deep inside, you already know what is most important to you — after your family, there are some possessions that are truly special. And if you are like most people, your local moves will reveal what is not special in the slightest. Throwing away, donating, giving away or having a yard sale to cleanse out the less important items. In some cases, you may find that getting rid of less important things gives you a new appreciation for what really matters in life — even if “what really matters” comes down to the increased sanity of one more load and saving some strain on your back.

Pack Conservatively

Even if you work out regularly and wear a weight belt, you can hurt yourself if you over-pack boxes. Further, the boxes themselves are not indestructible. Plan on never putting more than 50 pounds of goods into any box, even if you have plenty of brawny bruisers from your local gym to give you a hand. The “rule of 50” makes you stay mindful and avoiding stuffing the boxes as full as humanly possible. Your back will thank you, and you can reuse these boxes.

Plan to Reuse Packing Materials

Wadded up paper, bubble wrap and cardboard are going to be your constant companions for awhile. So you might as well treat them right. For local moves, you can often unload several boxes to reuse them two or three times. This saves a lot of materials, as well as space in both your old and new places.

Consider Getting Help

Sometimes, you just cannot handle the entire moving process on your own. In these cases, it is wise to swallow your pride and get help. Perhaps you need to store your items for a short time while things settle down. Perhaps having a professional truck move your goods from one home to the next is a prudent course of action. In any case, you would be wise to at least consider contacting Winter Moving & Storage to see about options to help with your move. In many cases, this can be the most important step to making things that much easier!

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