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Whether you are planning a local, long-distance, senior, or commercial move, the fact is- finding a good moving company is critical. No matter the size, the success of moving your home or business depends on your moving company. Winter Moving and Storage is one of Bentonville, Arkansas’s most respected moving companies.

Established in 1979, it is the partner of the renowned Atlas Van Lines. But what makes these movers in Bentonville unique? Stick along for a detailed insight into some of the key things you need to know when preparing for a move and how Winter Moving and Storage can help.

Preparing for a Move

Moving your home or business can prove to be a tiresome and daunting task. But if you are well-prepared, it can be seamless and easy. Start by getting organized. You can create a moving binder to help you create a moving schedule. Get measurements of your new home’s doorways and rooms to ensure everything fits, especially the large furniture.

The next step should be to get rid of anything you don’t need from your current house. You can donate to charity or hold a moving sale. And then you can prepare to pack. One of the best things about Winter Movers and Storage is that we offer our customers quality packing materials at an affordable price. We can also provide packing professionals to ensure you pack everything the best way.

Important Information When Preparing for Your Move

Here are some of the main things you need to take into consideration when preparing for a move:

Ensure your moving company is registered with FMCSA

This process is critical to help you avoid being conned. Visit the website and search for your moving company in their database. Alternatively, you can call FMCSA at (800) 832-5660 to confirm their registration.

Read their moving terms and conditions.

A professional moving company should provide you with a written document with their moving terms and conditions. Read and understand all the information before you sign. Ensure you agree with all their terms and conditions, including the charges, before allowing them to move your property.

Watch out for the type of liability you agree to

Before signing the documents, ensure you understand the type of liability offered. Technically, liability means that the moving company should cover the cost of damaged or lost goods during the move.

Besides, if you are dealing with valuable property, you can also pay for third-party insurance. But before you purchase the insurance, checking with your existing home insurance policy is recommended. You might be already covered.

Take control and supervise the process.

Once you are ready for the move, supervise the loading and unloading of your property. You should ensure everything is handled with great care throughout the process.

Why Choose Winter Moving and Storage

Relocations may occur for various reasons, ranging from retirement, changes in your job, health reasons, and many more. For this reason, with Winter Movers Bentonville, you don’t have to worry about unique needs. Our services are tailored to suit our customers’ specific needs and preferences.

Besides, we have partnered with Atlas Van Lines for over 40 years to provide quality, excellence, and professionalism in areas around Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

Ready to Move: Contact Us for the Best Moving Services

The last thing you can wish for as a moving homeowner is a broken TV screen or furniture. While many people suffer this loss due to incompetence with their moving company, it can never be the case with Movers Bentonville. We have everything you would ever need to get work done in the safest way possible.

Contact us for a free moving estimate or to talk to one of our professionals, and let us ensure seamless movement of your property to your desired location.


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