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Moving During the Winter Season | Looking to Hire Professional Movers

Moving during the winter months can be hectic, given the extreme and unpredictable conditions. You may have to contend with heavy snow, slippery pathways, and cold weather, among other harsh elements. You also risk damaging your belongings or even hurting yourself from slips and falls caused by the wet conditions.

Fortunately, you can save yourself from all the pain and trouble by preparing early and hiring an experienced mover like Winter Moving & Storage.

This post highlights several tips to help you overcome the challenges of moving during the winter months.

Stay Focused

Since moving during winter can be chaotic, staying focused is imperative to get things done. Start by preparing a moving checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything before, during, and after your move.

Write down what you need to pack or discard, gather important contacts, and plan your route to make your move less stressful.

Be Flexible

Winter months are renowned for their unpredictability. One moment the sky could be clear, and the next, heavy snow or rain sets in, making your move more challenging.

Flexibility means preparing for any unforeseen eventualities, including unexpected delays. Watch the weather forecasts in the weeks leading to your move so you can select an appropriate day.

Pack Early

Do not wait until a day before moving to pack your belongings. Whether hiring a professional mover or seeking help from friends, start packing early to make your move less stressful.

Packing well in advance will ensure you don’t forget or lose vital documents and belongings during your move. You can start by loading and storing one box per day, starting with items you don’t frequently use.

Protect Your Belongings

Moving during the winter months has several risks. First, your items can get damaged from rain, ice, and snow exposure during the move.

With this in mind, pack your goods in weather-proof boxes. You can use extra padding to protect fragile items susceptible to temperature changes. Consider hiring a professional mover with climate-controlled trucks to protect your belongings from extreme weather conditions.

Clear Pathways and Loading Areas

Pathways and loading areas can get slippery during winter, increasing the risk of injuries and avoidable damage. A few days before your move, prepare your home by clearing pathways, walkways, and loading areas to create a safe environment for yourself, movers, and loaders.

You’ll require a shovel and a de-icer to clear your sidewalks. Some movers offer clearing services at no additional costs.

Prepare Your Car for the Ride

Driving during winter can be risky if your car is not in good condition. As a rule for winter moving, get your vehicle serviced days before hitting the road. A tune up can go a long way to prevent unnecessary breakdowns when driving in cold weather.

Remember to pack heavy clothing, blankets, and gloves in the car separately from your other belongings in the moving truck. Have an emergency kit and load essential items, such as ice scrapers and tire chains, to help you navigate through snow.

Winterize Your New Home

Winterize your new house days before the move to make unloading and unpacking less stressful. It will set up your new home for the move by creating a safe environment for everyone involved.

Start by removing threatening tree limbs and bushes that could fall on your property and accidentally damage your belongings. Improve your insulation by sealing air leaks and servicing your ductwork not to expose your items to harsh conditions.

Hire Professional Moving Services

Hiring professional moving services is the easiest and safest way to move during the winter months. After all, an experienced mover has all the equipment and expertise required to move heavy items under risky weather conditions.

Winter Moving & Storage is here to help you handle your winter moving needs. We have all the expertise and equipment required to pack, load, and offload your items to your new home. Contact us today for an estimate.


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