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Moving Long Distance? We Can Help! | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving Long Distance?

You’ve chosen a new city and it’s good to know a bit about it before you arrive! Spend some time exploring the new city before you choose a place to live. Popping into local restaurants, visiting some of the town’s amenities and going on a walk will help you see the area you are choosing to move to.

Another great idea is to research some of the neighborhoods in the new city – consider your lifestyle, how far you are willing to commute, what activities your kids will want to participate in, and what type of neighborhood you’d like to live in, etc. Buying a new home can be a complicated process!

Let Winter Moving & Storage Help You with Your Long-Distance Move

 Letting a professional moving company like Winter Moving & Storage handle the details and lifting will make the rest of your arrangements much less stressful. When you hire professional Winter Moving & Storage you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve forgotten any details and can take it easy knowing that your belongings are being safely handled by experts.

A great packing tip is to take time to sort through your possessions and purge what don’t need. This will save on moving expenses and make it faster to move into your new home.

Once you get to your new home, there are plenty of details that will need your attention. Some of these are:

  • Set up utilities: Make sure your home is ready when you arrive! You’ll want to have electricity, gas, water, sewer, garbage collection, cable, internet, and any other needs handled.
  • Change Your Address: Forward your mail by filing out an online mail forwarding form with USPS. This will prevent lost letters or documents.
  • Update Your Driver’s License: One of the first things to do when you move is to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Find out whether your MVD takes appointments or walk-ins and which documents you’ll need to bring with you.
  • Register to Vote: You’ll need to register to vote in your new state.
  • Find a new doctor: Check your insurance company for information on which healthcare providers in your new area accept your insurance. Before you leave your old home, get copies of your medical records and any prescriptions.
  • Update Insurance: You may need to find a new insurance agent after you move, but it’s also good to consider whether you have different insurance needs in your new climate.

Take the Hassle Out Of Your Long Distance Move With Winter Moving & Storage

Our team can provide you with a free estimate for your long distance move. Contact us today!

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