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Moving Mistakes to Avoid | Moving Services Near Me

Whenever you are juggling multiple tasks at once, you are bound to have a few missteps. However, Winter Moving & Storage is here to ensure that moving is not one of those missteps for you. Therefore, the more you can learn about the best practices of moving, the more streamlined the move will be. Keep reading to learn more about common moving mistakes you should avoid or reach out to use our moving services today!

Mistake #1: DIY Your Move

Hiring professional movers is worth it in almost every instance. A DIY move, even with friends helping, is going to be more labor-intensive and time-consuming than hiring professionals. If you have many items of value, it is also much riskier than with insured movers. Of course, there are situations where moving on your own is the best option but do not eliminate the idea of using a moving company just to save some money.

Mistake #2: Do not Discard Unused Items

One of the most important moving tips is that there is no better time to eliminate personal belongings than before a move. The smaller number of items you need to move, the easier to manage, and the less expensive the overall cost becomes. Unfortunately, many become caught up in trying to minimize tasks and throw all items into a box instead of organizing and tossing items. In addition to being a tremendous waste of time, lugging unnecessary items consumes more fuel and labor.

Mistake #3: Do not Have Enough Time to Pack

If even you plan to haphazardly toss items into moving boxes, packing still consumes a large amount of time. The areas you assumed would inevitably take ten minutes to pack will take an hour and the other areas you know will take a long time take even longer than expected. A huge mistake is to not give yourself enough time to package which will lead to stress. With a little advanced planning that stress can be kept to a minimum.

Mistake #4: Not Conducting Enough Research

While moving companies are plentiful, not all are equal. To find the best company for your move, you must read reviews, get referrals, and several companies for estimates and information. If you pick a name from a hat, then you are taking a huge risk. You also are not helping your wallet since you will not be doing any price comparisons. In the end, selecting the first company on search engine results can cost you money, time, and your sanity.

Mistake #5: Not Getting the Right Insurance

Federal regulations require all interstate movers to offer released-value and full-value protection to customers. Released-value rates your belongings at around 60-cents per pound whereas full-value covers your valuation of all belongings. Remember, if your belongings are broken or damaged, full-value does not mean you will receive a check for the cost. Instead, those damaged items will be replaced with the same item or of equal value. Additionally, there are liability and moving insurance options from third-party companies to help cover all costs. It is a mistake to take the least expensive insurance option if you have expensive items that are being transported.  

Your move does not have to be a stressful and overly expensive mess. By preparing ahead of time and taking the necessary steps to avoid these five common mistakes, you will be setting up for a much more streamlined process.

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