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Moving Out of State Checklist | Winter Moving & Storage

Regardless of the distance, if you’ve ever moved houses, you probably understand how challenging the process can be. For instance, you’ll have to consider various factors like moving options, choosing the right time, preparing your children (if any) mentally, making new friends, etc.

It is time-consuming and requires you to be patient and make thorough plans in advance. However, you don’t have to worry if this is your first time moving out of state because Winter Moving & Storage is here to make the transition smooth and uneventful. This article provides you with the ultimate checklist you could use to help you move to a new state seamlessly.

What to check off when moving out of state

Visit the new city and state.

You must take one or more trips to your new city and state before moving. Doing this helps you understand the new location, culture, and people. Visit various tourist attractions in the area, under-the-radar hangouts, and local hotspots to see if you’d like it there. You can also get most of this information, including important institutions like schools (if you have children), on the internet.

Find a place to live.

Next, you should take some time to study your city of choice and its different residential areas to find one that suits your needs. If you plan to purchase a home, we’d recommend that you begin by renting for about six months to find the most appropriate neighborhood. Find a good realtor to show you the ins and outs, help you find your perfect home, and guide you through the paperwork.

Budget according to your needs.

Moving requires you to plan, especially regarding your budget. Understand that moving isn’t cheap, especially if you plan on moving out of state, so you should ensure that you’ve put aside enough funds for the moving contained (or truck), supplies, and various other expenses. Your budget should include how much you are able and willing to spend on the move. List out all the expenses and add some extra money for unexpected expenditures.

Hire a reputable moving company

Moving out of state is more challenging without help from professional movers. However, you could choose to hire a professional company like Winter Moving & Storage to help move your property.

Our company has the best ratings and reviews in Northwest Arkansas and is ready to make your transition stress-free. We are registered with the FCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), have an impeccable success rate, and professionally offer the best services.

Choose a good moving date and order moving supplies.

There are lots of things to consider before choosing a moving date. Some of them include your work schedule, availability of the moving company, family concerns, etc. Your date of choice could affect your cost of moving depending on the demand. For instance, more people move during weekends and holidays.

Next, you’ll have to order moving supplies like bubble rolls, foam pushes, moving boxes, and packing tape and begin packing your property in advance, beginning with the non-essentials.

Work on your paperwork

Working on your paperwork isn’t fun; however, it’s crucial. You should update your billing addresses, cancel or transfer memberships, etc. You may need to work on other sections of your paperwork after moving, and if this is the case, you should write a reminder in your diary. Forms of paperwork you’ll need to work on include:

  • Insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Voting registration
  • Utilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Gym membership
  • Pet registration
  • Mail forwarding
  • Cable
  • Car documents, etc.

Go through the checklist twice.

Lastly, you should go through the checklist a week in advance and ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Check the items off one at a time and think of other things you may have missed. Pack your essentials the night before and ensure that you can access them easily as soon as you arrive at your new location.


Understand that there are many frauds out to steal your property, and often, if a deal sounds too cheap to be true, then it probably is. Before hiring them, take your time to research your moving company and ensure that their services are legitimate. You should also prepare in advance and follow a preset timeline to avoid any potential complications.


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