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Moving is a stressful time for everyone. The last thing you need to worry about is a moving company with lackluster customer service. If you have sampled the waters and have been less than impressed with the customer service departments of different moving companies, below are four things to look for when you are first speaking with them about your move.

What Is: So, how is the overall tone of the call when you speak to the moving company? Are you greeted well and by name? Does the operator take the opportunity to get to know you and who you are? Do they care about what you are moving? Do they express an interest in the day and time that you would like to arrive? Are they clear with all of your options for insurance, packing, supplies, etcetera?

Or, are they dismissive of you? Do they seem bothered that you are even asking them questions about your move? Do they seem like they are just anxious for the call to be over?

If you have experienced these negative things with different customer service operators, you might want to do some more investigating.

What Was: One way to find out about the quality of movers and their customer service departments is to research them on online forums. There are invariably going to be voices for and against the different moving companies, so you should take the whole thing with a grain of salt.

However, if you begin to hear many of the same comments from different posters online, you can begin to see a pattern in people’s experiences. Group thinking is not usually the way to go, and many times companies take a lot of pride in fixing the things that are wrong with their past customer’s experiences. However, if there is no evidence of that, these online chats are something to consider.

What’s Not: Something else you need to know about your movers is everything. Are they insured by the proper agencies? Do the drivers have any past accidents on their records? Has the company had any recent incidents with broken or damaged merchandise from the homes? If the customer service departments of the moving company so disjointed from the service record of their movers (i.e. they don’t know the answers to these questions), that is one more thing worth weighing.

What Shall Never Be: Finally, who does your moving company hire? Are the movers fully vetted and properly documented in their criminal history? This may sound insensitive to say, but you are trusting complete strangers to go into your home, take all of your things, and bring them to your new home. If there are items that suddenly “disappear,” that’s something you should be able to point to from your moving company before you hire them.

Not everyone is perfect, of course. But if you can’t nail the company down on how they ensure their drivers and movers are going to care for your things, then maybe you are speaking to the wrong moving customer service team.

One of the best customer service teams in moving in Northwest Arkansas is Winter Moving & Storage. Their friendly team of operators will promptly answer your call, and they will set your mind at ease. Even better than that, the customer service professionals from Winter Moving will be able to answer any other questions you may have about your upcoming move.

With their excellent customer service skills, the team at Winter Moving & Storage in Bentonville, AR can help make your move painless.

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