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Moving Supplies | What Will You Need

Moving is a huge undertaking. You may be overwhelmed and not have the first clue about where to even begin when it comes to packing. If that’s the case, start putting together a list of packing materials you will need as well as making a list of priority items. If you start packing the things you rarely use first, your list of priority items will write itself. When it comes to materials, however, you need to start from the beginning.


Boxes and totes are a must. Totes work better for clothing and delicate items while sturdy boxes are great for everything else. You can get boxes from local retailers or, if you want more uniform sizes, you can buy them from Winter Moving & Storage. They have a variety of sizes you can use to make packing go quickly and effortlessly.


You need to get good packing tape. Masking tape isn’t strong enough and duct tape is too bulky. Most types of packing tape have a “gun” or handle that makes taping your boxes go much faster. Tape from side to side and across to ensure the box is properly sealed and will hold together once it is packed.

Packing Materials

Packing peanuts are expensive but they work well for certain items. Newspaper and bubble wrap make good packing materials. If you have a lot of extra clothes, you can wrap your breakables in cloth for maximum protection. For your large items, get a few mover’s blankets to wrap them in. Many movers will include a few if you rent a moving truck or van.

Waterproof Marker

A waterproof marker will save you a lot of stress and frustration later. Mark all of your boxes with the room they will go in once they are at your new home and a short summary of what’s inside. Boxes with breakables, should, of course, be marked as fragile.

A Good Moving Company

Finally, you will want to hire a good moving company. Packing your items is one thing, but all of the heavy lifting associated with moving may be too much for you to handle. A good moving company will be transparent with its pricing and have a solid reputation with its customers. When you go to buy your packing supplies, get to know the people who are helping you. Look around and get a feel for how they work.

The staff of Winter Moving & Storage understand that moving is no laughing matter. Your whole world is being shifted from one home to another. We do everything we can to help our customers feel at ease. When you want moving tips and services, we are the ones to call!


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