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Among the fastest-growing regions in the nation is the well-known Northwest Arkansas region, which includes the designated cities of Rogers, Fayetteville, Springdale, and Bentonville. This area is an intriguing amalgam of small towns that all cooperate and have something to offer. While Bentonville is 5 miles west of Rogers, the three named cities are around 10 miles apart in a north-south direction. The advantages of residing in Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville and its vicinity) include the following:

Cultural Diversity

It might not be easy to believe, although Bentonville has established a name for itself in the world of culture and the arts. Each year, the Bentonville Film Festival, which promotes lesser-known filmmakers, draws famous people from all over the country to the city.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get fortunate and bump into your favorite artist when getting a cup of coffee! This city is chock-full of distinctive beauty and cultural treasures, especially when you consider the internationally renowned art shows at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the brand-new and exciting museum of modern art, The Momentary (highlighting the millennial pink coffee house of your dreams), and the numerous murals you could indeed find throughout the place.

Pleasant weather and lots of outdoor activities

In this region, the weather is pleasant. Here, you are going to take a risk. And refer to it as the San Diego of the South-Central part of the country. Okay. San Diego might be a stretch, that is, if you want mild winters.

And don’t worry about the humidity and heat during summer. Due to the climate, Arkansas’s southern way of life has some benefits.

Prestigious institutions

The schools are the main attraction of Bentonville for residents. The state’s top-rated schools are in Bentonville, which outperformed all other districts with thirteen A grades on the Arkansas Department of Education national report card.

Based on rating criteria that consider state test results, college preparation, SAT and ACT results, graduation rates, teacher quality, and other considerations. Note that Bentonville institutions are the finest in Arkansas.

Numerous Job Possibilities

The abundance of employment options is one of the many benefits of residing in Bentonville.

With major corporations such as JB Hunt, Tyson, and Walmart having their headquarters in Bentonville, there are several work opportunities. With an 80 % increase in STEM positions in recent years, Bentonville has moved into the software industry, making it a top location for job hunters in that field. Bentonville is a terrific place to live with a population increase and a booming economy.

Living expenses

Is living in Arkansas pricey? That’s a no! Since the state consistently ranks among the five cheapest countries to live in, according to studies describing the living costs in Arkansas. Having a cheap cost of living can help with many money issues.

The cost of life in Arkansas is 10-15% less than the national average, based on where you reside. Cost-saving factors include transportation, utilities, and groceries. However, the housing cost is an area where Arkansas excels. The median price of the typical home in the state is almost half that of the median price of a home in the entire country.

And when is a mortgage required for the new house? There are many quick, inexpensive choices available online.

A Bigger City Feel Or Small Town Charm

Regardless of the state, you decide to call home. In this scenario, choosing your location is crucial. It all depends on your hobbies and way of living. And possibly if your commute to work is a must.

Do You Want To Relocate To Bentonville?

We hope this guide is great enough to help you decide if moving to Bentonville is the right choice! Please contact Winter Moving and Storage for professional packing and moving services as they will provide a free moving estimate.


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