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Moving with Pets: 8 Tips for Success | NWA Moving Company

Moving has the potential to be a stressful process.  In particular, moving takes a toll on pets as they don’t understand what is going on.  However, you can do some things to make the transition easier on your furry friends.  Follow these tips for moving with pets and the transition to your new digs will be that much easier on your dog, cat or other pet.

Set up the Living Space Ahead of Time

Don’t bring your furry friend to your new digs until the living space is set up.  Get everything in order, introduce your pet to a certain part of the house and keep them there for the first hour or so.  Give your furry friend a chance to adjust to the new living space and the transition will prove that much more seamless.

Pay Attention to Your Pet After the Move

Once your dog, cat or other pet is in your new home, pay close attention to their behavior.  This is an opportunity to give your pet plenty of attention with the overarching goal of comforting him or her to facilitate a smooth move.

Introduce Familiar Items Right Away

If your pet has a preferred item or two such as a blanket, a chew toy or something else, introduce it to him or her immediately after moving in.  Providing such familiar items ensures your pet feels at home in your new living space right off the bat.

Bring an Overnight Kit

Be sure to pack an overnight kit with all the grooming tools, toys, food and other things your pet will need right away.  This way, you can take your time when unpacking the rest of your stuff knowing your furry friend has everything he or she needs to be happy.

Keep Pets Away From the Activity

Moving items into your new home and organizing them requires considerable effort.  If you aren’t careful, the activity will overwhelm your pet.  Consider leaving your pet with a buddy or at the kennel for the day of the move.  Otherwise, it is in your interest to keep them away from the activity by secluding them in an area where doors are not constantly opening and closing.  Just be sure to check in on your pet every 20 minutes or so as you unpack to ensure he or she is doing alright.

Reach out to the Vet

If you are moving far away, contact your vet.  This is your opportunity to pick up records as well as prescription medications.  The vet might even have some insight into how to best search for another vet in the new local area.

Be Careful When Transporting Your Pet Indoors

The last thing you want is to lose your pet when opening the car door while transporting him or her into your new home.  Be careful as you make this transition, keeping your pet tightly secured at all times.

Update Your Pet’s Information

Once you are in your new home, be sure to update your furry friend’s information in terms of his or her microchip, tags, etc.  Your new address and even your new phone number should be updated just in case your furry friend flees and is found somewhere else.

Winter Moving & Storage is at Your Service

Our moving specialists are here to help you complete as efficient of a move as possible.  Put your faith in our team and you will be able to focus on your work and your family while we do the heavy lifting on your behalf.  We hope these tips were helpful when moving with a pet. Contact us today to find out more about our services.  You can reach us by dialing 1-800-435-6683 or by filling out our online contact form.

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