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Let’s face it. Moving to a new home can be hectic, not to mention when you are bringing pets along for the journey.

While your family feels anxious about a new job, school, and neighborhood, have you thought about your pets who feel the pressure too?

Many aspects of your moving are considered stressful for pets, including wild packing circus and travel complications. Your pet is bound to feel upset or as if they’re being abandoned.

However, pets can be very resilient. They’ll adapt to the process gradually.

How to Prep for a Move with Pets

Once you start preparing and packing for your relocation 2 to 4 weeks earlier, these tips will help you and your pet to handle the move swiftly.

Here are tips to make moving easier for your pets.

  1. Pack Your Pet’s Necessities for the Trip

To keep your companion comfortable on a lengthy move, you’ll need a lot more than a neck cushion and a travel blanket. Pets are used to following set routines and can be overwhelming to adjust or accept change.

Carry an essentials bag for your pet in addition to your personal essentials bag containing stuff you know you’ll need easy access to within the first few days of relocation. Carry a few snacks, food, water, and a travel bowl for the road.

Whether it’s a local or long-distance move, your pet still needs to eat and stay hydrated in between your old and new house move. A few treats and chews may also come in handy to keep them busy or reward them for remarkable behavior.

  1. Visit Your Vet

Before the move, visit your vet.

Depending on your pet’s medical records, they may recommend certain do’s and don’ts or behavioral techniques to make the moving stress less harmful. Also, research if there are specific vaccinations to the new place you’ll be moving to.

Additionally, some pet medications might help with motion sickness.

  1. Consider a Pet Sitter or Extra Assistance

While some pets enjoy outside activities, they may find moving days too upsetting for them.

You can appoint a sitter, such as a member of your family or traveling companions. The pet sitters will be personally accountable for your pet while you attend to other urgencies.

To calm them, the pet sitter should find a pet-friendly place (with toys) away from the packing hullaballoo.

  1. Hire a professional

A professional mover may appear to be an unnecessary expense, but it may be the best option for a stress-free move.

Movers provide a range of services, including personally transferring animals by car or even by plane, as well as researching and organizing the best commercial flight route. They can also deal with difficult conditions like quarantines and airline restrictions.

Besides, why fuss when companies like Winter Moving and Storage can handle all your moving needs?

  1. Make the New Home Pet Friendly

It will be tempting to let your pet loose to explore when you get to your new home after a long journey. A new and unusual environment can be confusing for your companion.

Allow them to settle into one room, which should contain their favorite toys, snacks, water, and food bowls, as well as a litter box. When they appear at ease, gently introduce them to other house areas while keeping certain doors closed.

If you require to store your household items for a while between moving out and settling into your new home, rent some storage space to avoid cluttering your new home. Winter moving and Storage company offers customized storage services depending on your preference and needs.

Ready to Move?

Whenever you are ready to move, remember that caring for your pets is vital if you want them to transition as smoothly as possible.

Don’t forget to hire the right movers who are reliable, experienced, and professional. Consider Winter Moving and Storage because they can mean the difference between a hectic and seamless move.

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