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Moving Your Antiques | Winter Moving & Storage

Generally speaking, packing takes the most time out of the whole process, but once it comes to the most prized and costly possessions, such as antiques, you need to give it a little more thought. No matter how many times you relocate, properly caring for your antiques can ensure they will last for decades.

Appropriately packing antiques, whether priceless heirlooms or bargain-bin finds, is essential so they don’t get damaged in transit.

Locate Trusted Antique or Specialty Moving Companies

There are two options for moving valuables: doing it yourself or hiring a service. The owner should transport more minor things, such as jewelry, coins, etc. That way, you can keep track of your collections easily. Hiring a professional mover is the safest option if you have large or fragile things, such as antique furniture, porcelain/glass, or artwork.

They are trained to handle fragile objects carefully and will do so by using the proper packing materials and the correct-sized box for your valuables. But not all movers are created equal, and you must hire a reputable business to transport your priceless heirlooms and other belongings.

Consider their reputations and the specialized moving services they provide when looking for a local moving company. In your conversations with potential service providers, stress the importance of protecting your valuables during transit. The Richmond area knows us as the go-to movers because of our reputation for professionalism and care.

Examine Your Relocation Safety Procedures

If you’re going to meet with a United official, this is the time to ask about getting your antiques appraised. In the case of damage or loss, movers provide various protection plans. Anything with a value greater than $100 per pound should be noted on the inventory form, as should any signatures, serial numbers, or maker marks.

If you need to substantiate a claim, it’s a good idea to utilize a video camera to film the state of the antiques and other valuables before the relocation. Just make sure you can capture acceptable film of your things in high definition.

Appraisal of Your Possessions

Likely, you’ve already had an appraisal for the priceless objects you’re transporting.

If you’re moving alone, you can generally skip this step. During the pre-move meeting, the full-service moving company you engage will want to know the approximate value of your belongings.

Appraisals are costly, but they’ll cover you if something goes wrong during the relocation.

It’s a good idea to take stock of your possessions.

Be organized, and develop a list of all the antiques, collectibles, and precious items you plan to bring. Possessing this list will assist you in keeping a record of your belongings as you pack and move. While you’re about it, separate the objects you intend to transport yourself from those packed in the moving truck.

Get good shots of your valuable collectibles and antiques.

Get shots from every conceivable vantage point. If anything, unforeseen does occur, you will have these as proof. Pay special attention to any weak or brittle areas already damaged. You may even record videos of them using your phone. Insurance claims can be backed up with visual evidence like photos and videos.

Invest in adequate protection by obtaining insurance.

Then, after having your antiques and artifacts appraised, you should invest in adequate insurance to safeguard them from loss or damage. If you want to ensure that your antiques are protected during shipment, you should contact a moving company or an insurance agent.

Take away

You put a lot of thought and care into your collection, and it shows. It would help if you took the above reasonable precautions to safeguard your belongings from loss or damage before, during, and after the relocation. Please take the time to follow those guidelines to ensure that your fragile things are protected and ready to be packed and loaded onto the moving van.

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