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Not Planning Your Move Day Schedule | Top Moving Mistake

Moving day can be incredibly hectic. Proper planning can help you avoid a catastrophic moving mistake that leaves you in stress and way behind schedule. Keep reading to learn some of the top moving mistakes you need to avoid.

Not Prepping for Your Move Ahead of Time

The moment you know you are moving is the moment you need to look into preparing yourself for the process. Once you’ve made a schedule, you’ll want to begin taking apart items that need to be disassembled for transport. This can be anything from an entertainment center to play sets in the backyard.

You’ll also want to measure doors and access points to make sure you have enough room to move furniture safely and efficiently. By doing this early you’ll help ensure that you don’t have problems staying on schedule when moving day comes.

Schedule Cleaning After You Move Out

Never try to schedule a house or apartment cleaning at the same time as your move. This would be a classic moving mistake found within the schedule of your big move! The cleaning crew and the moving crew will constantly get in the way of one another. You don’t want a slippery floor when moving heavy objects around either.

If you’re hiring someone to clean the house, opt to have them come the day after your move. If you are doing the cleaning yourself, keep your cleaning supplies off the moving truck so you’ll have everything available when it comes time to clean.

Have Everything Packed Prior To Moving Day

Moving day is not packing day. Blindly tossing items into boxes in a rush will slow down the process and create incredible stress for you. Do yourself a favor and have everything packed ahead of time.

By packing ahead of time you’ll make sure everything is ready to be put onto the truck when your moving team arrives.

Not Planning For Your Children and Pets

One of the fastest ways to derail your move is for your dog or cat to get out and start running the neighborhood. Likewise, if you have small children who are unable to help in the moving process, they will more than likely slow down the move. Not having a plan or schedule for your pets or children is often a moving mistake that isn’t thought of until it’s too late.

Skip those headaches with proper planning. Try to find a babysitter or schedule a play date with your children.  If you have pets, see if someone will let them say at their house on moving day. Pet daycare facilities can also help lighten the load.

Inspect Your Home One Last Time

Before you say goodbye for good, you should make sure to take a final walk through your home. You might catch a box that was tucked into a corner or see something that fell on the floor in the back of a closet. You’ll also want to make sure any appliances you’re leaving are empty and clean.

These moving mistakes are common, but they’re easy to avoid with proper planning ahead of time. planning the day out. When you’re planning your move, make sure some leave some wiggle room in your schedule just in case something takes longer than it should. After all, with so many variables involved in moving, it’s incredibly easy to get off track in a matter of minutes.

Not sure how to plan your move? Don’t forget that you have access to the Winter Moving & Storage team for all of your moving needs. We can help you from start to finish so your move is much less stressful.

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