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We Offer A Custom Storage System For Any Storage Need! | Winter Moving & Storage

No two people have the same storage needs. While you might require a temperature controlled unit to care for valuables, others might just need a space for their furniture. Some people may need a small space to make up for storage they don’t have in their home, and someone else might require a unit for just a month or two. Whatever your needs, the team at Winter Moving & Storage in Northwest Arkansas has you covered. Here are just some of the custom storage options available for you:

Protecting Your Valuables

Before putting anything into storage, it’s crucial to make sure it’s properly protected. While placing your valuables into a temperature- and atmosphere-controlled unit will reduce any damage items might experience from moisture and temperature shifts, it’s still important to safeguard your items from dust and the general wear and tear of time. Furniture coverings keep everything from wood to fabric furniture safe from dust. Screen protectors for televisions and computers are highly recommended as well. So whether you’re placing boxes of records or digital equipment in storage, the team at Winter Moving has the necessary protective items ready and available for you.

The Right Size For The Right Price

There’s no need to rent out a unit that offers too much room for your personal needs. Why pay for square footage you’ll never use? That’s why Winter Moving offers a wide range of unit sizes. So whether you’re in need of a closet-sized unit or you need to place an entire home’s worth of items into storage, there are plenty of size options available. If you have questions regarding what size is right for you, the team at Winter Moving can make sure you have the right amount of space without ever overpaying for room you just don’t need.

Temperature Controlled

Some items need to be kept in a controlled temperature unit. Wood furniture, for example, can splinter and crack when left in standard units. This is because the temperature may rise and fall, causing the wood to warp and crack. The same is true with electronics. Most electronics will run into performance issues once the temperature drops below or rises above certain levels. This not only affects performance but may lead to irreversible damage.

On the other hand, you may have objects you think require temperature- controlled units but in reality will do just fine in the heat and cold. It’s all about finding the right fit and protecting your items, which is why Winter Moving is here to help you. If you have questions regarding whether something should go into temperature-controlled units or not, the team will have no problem working with you to identify the best possible unit.

Flexible Unit Dates

Sometimes you know exactly how long you’ll need to keep your items in a unit. In other cases, you may have no idea and want to go month to month. Whatever your needs are, Winter Moving is flexible. There’s no minimum amount of time you need to use a unit and you can go month to month without a problem at all. Just pick out the right unit for your needs.

At Winter Moving, all of your storage needs are addressed. No matter the size, length of time or if you need temperature controlled units, it’s all provided and covered. So whether you’re in need of units immediately, are searching for assistance moving or just have questions on what Winter Moving provides customers, feel free to pick up your phone and give the team a call at your earliest convenience.

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