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Office relocation is proven to be a challenging task for various business owners. The process involves business disruption that can significantly affect the business. Therefore, you have to consider the needs of your significant stakeholders, employees, the company, and even consumers. Also, any office machinery, data, or equipment needs to be handled well during moving.

To avoid any disruptions within your business, Winter Moving & Storage offers businesses a smooth commercial transition that allows them to continue with their operations efficiently.  The company has the right equipment and systems which get used in every activity of commercial relocations.

Commercial Relocation Services Offered by Winter Moving & Storage in Northwest Arkansas

Here are various commercial relocation services offered within Northwest Arkansas and its environs by Winter Moving &Storage.

  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Medical Clinics
  • Corporate Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Dental Offices
  • Whole relocation of Computer Systems

Tips for Commercial Moving

Some businesses lack information about commercial moving services. Therefore, they tend to leave customers confused, their data and office equipment exposed, and disorientation among the employees. However, there are various ways in which your office relocation process can be accomplished seamlessly.

Winter Moving & Storage, therefore, offers education to their customers, which can help them have a pleasant move. They have various helpful resources which clients can easily access before and during the process of moving. Thus, business owners can use the following practical steps to get a seamless moving experience.  Additionally, the steps can also help them avoid fraud activities with their interstate mover.

Obtaining an estimate

Business owners need to understate the moving estimate of their movers. Winter Moving & Storage always estimates the business based on their professionals who do a thorough inspection of everything in the office.

Clients to check on movers registration at FMCSA

Winter Moving & Storage possesses a DOT number from the U.S.A government, qualifying it as an interstate mover recognized by FMCSA.  Thus, each state has its varying requirements, which business users need to confirm with their respective county or state through the attorney general or the affairs agency.

To confirm the registration of a qualified interstate mover like Winter Moving & Storage, you can do it at the FMCSA search tool. Additionally, users can easily make their complaints on the platform.

Prioritize yourself when selecting a mover

Commercial moving requires clients to consider their priorities not only based on the prices but also on the safety and time delivery of their possession.  As a business owner, you should know that Winter Moving & Storage is required by the law to deliver all your office equipment and good safely to the new destination.

Therefore, the non-binding prices get estimated of all business possessions only reach around 10%. The rule applies across all interstate movers and is called the 110% rule.

Perform Extensive Research

Clients must know their Responsibilities and Rights during a move. Thus, all movers have to offer their clients a Federal government booklet if their client moves to a different state. Information in the brochure will help the client quickly identify damaged or lost goods during the moving process.

Get commercial moving services.

As an insured and fully licensed company that offers moving solutions, Winter Moving & Storage is reputable among its clients and provides satisfactory services. Clients can get in touch if they want movers to plan for their commercial move regardless of whether they are not in Northwest Arkansas.

Winter Moving & Storage understands that relocation of business owners can be due to retirement, growth, or job changes. But the company tends to meet all the needs of their clients while offering all individuals an extensive and detailed service in office relocation.


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