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Office Moving Checklist | What is Your Moving Plan?

Is Your Office Moving? Trust the professionals at Winter Moving & Storage to help you with the move! 

When it is time to move your commercial office to a new location, set dates and tasks for your moving plan. When do the desks need to be cleared? Figure out when the internet connection is getting set up in the new office assign team leaders and hand out responsibilities to team members. This will help everyone make the move so much more smooth!

Tell Your Employees About Office Moving Procedures 

Let your employees know the moving date is for the upcoming office move. Communicate your expectations of when their cubicles, offices or workstations, how needs to be packed up, when the utilities are getting disconnected, and so on. I

Notify Current Landlord

As soon as you confirm your company’s move date, tell your current landlord or property manager when you plan to terminate your lease.

Notify Outside the Company

This is very important. Be sure to let your partners, clients, and vendors that you’re moving. They will need to know your new contact information and might have questions about how the move will affect them.

Specialized Equipment?

Do you need help moving especially heavy equipment or hazardous materials? Order ahead items that take a while to build and ship? Are you replacing or upgrading any specialized equipment that requires special handling?

Put address change orders in place

It’s better to start updating documents with your new address earlier rather than later, so place your orders for new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, return labels, etc. right when you know your new address. It’s much better to have all of your updated documents on hand before your move than to risk going days or weeks without them in your new space.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Moving a commercial office, personnel, and products can be a daunting task causing an interruption to your business and greatly affecting your bottom line. Why interrupt making money when you can have Winter Moving & Storage handle all the necessary steps to make the transition smooth and keep your business running efficiently? Winter Moving & Storage has systems and equipment in place to assist in all commercial relocations.



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