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Long distance moves can be difficult and time-consuming! However, these moves can be made easier if you follow a few tips that make the process go more smoothly.

Let Some Things Go

The moving process is all about going to a new place and living a new kind of life. So it may be time to let go of some old things. Obviously, do not try to move perishables, but some things may not be so obvious.

  • Will you and your family actually read all of your books?
  • Will your children still be playing with all of their toys?

Hold a garage sale to let go of what you no longer need. You might even pick up a few dollars to put towards your redecorating budget for your new home!

Pack One Room at a Time

Packing everything can be a daunting task, so break it up a little. With one room at a time, you can move groups into the moving vehicle in stages. This will help you keep everything together better, which will make unpacking that much quicker.

Fill Up on Filler

The big rule on filler materials like packing peanuts and newsprint is the more… the better. You want to use filler in the top, a small amount at the bottom and at least an inch all the way around. You also want to make sure to have enough filler to put into every space within each box. You would be amazed at how much filler you can go through for even a single room, particularly with packing up breakable objects.

Pack Boxes Lighter

It’s tempting to put as much as you can into every box. This urge might be stronger if you have plenty of muscular people to shoulder the burden. Unfortunately, boxes can fail very easily during long distance moves. The boxes will shift in transit, so you need to use some self-control. Avoid putting more than 50 pounds of items into any one box. Try to use the smallest box possible so that you can keep better control while carrying boxes.

Label Like a Pro

Labeling each box with a room and a within-the-room number might seem a little picky, but it will save you a lot of time. It also helps make it immediately obvious if a box is missing after the move. By marking every box carefully and logging every box on a ledger of some kind, you can keep the process much more organized. This organization can help lower your stress.

Have Your Items Professionally Driven

Transporting your belongings on long distance moves on your own might sound like a good idea, but it usually results in a lot of stress. Having your belongings and furnishings moved by a professional, like Winter Moving & Storage, means you can put everything into one truck! You and your family then can either drive on your own or fly to your new home!

If you want help with your long distance move, contact Winter Moving and Storage today to make the move go more smoothly.

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