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Ideally, you will have months to prepare for a move. However, there are times where a move comes out of nowhere. No matter the reason, moving in a rush can lead to all kinds of stress. While you may not be able to organize as well as you might like, it is possible to reduce some of the stress and improve your ability to both pack and unpack. The team at Winter Moving & Storage is here to help you with all your packing, moving and storage needs, so here are three of the company’s top hacks for moving on short notice.

Book Your Rental Truck and Moving Crew

If you suddenly discover you have a major move coming up and not much time to prepare for it, make sure to pick up the phone and book a moving crew and rental truck as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is wait and discover nothing is available on the day you need to move. A moving crew ensures that you only have to pack up your belongings, reducing your workload and stress levels. Attempting to load up a moving truck and stack everything in an orderly fashion is difficult and is like playing a grownup version of Tetris. However, you don’t have time for games when on short notice, which is why it’s that much better to use a professional service like Winter Moving & Storage.

If You’re Not Sure About It, Get Rid Of It

If you come across items that you aren’t sure you’ll need while packing, get rid of them. When you pick an item up you should know if it is a necessity or if it brings you happiness. If it does neither, then there’s no reason for you to take it with you. The less you pack and take with you, the faster the packing and the less you’ll need to unpack when you arrive. You should take moving as an opportunity to clear your living area.

Mark Your Boxes

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new destination and discovering you have no clue what is in each box. Your new home may be cold but you end up opening a dozen different boxes just to figure out where the blankets are, for example. It is much easier to clearly label each box. You can color code the boxes with obvious stickers or colored tape so you know what room each box goes to. From there you can write what’s in each box and whether it is fragile or not. This will help you expedite the unpacking process.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about moving on short notice. When this is the case you need to make sure to take advantage of these three top packing hacks. Should you need additional moving help, whether it is for packing and loading up a truck, driving it to the new location or putting non-essential items in storage, turn to the team at Winter Moving & Storage. No matter how much time you have, the company is here to help you out every step of the way.

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