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Packing for a Move | Professional Packing Help

Time for a move! You are all set, have identified your ideal place to relocate, and are ready to contact your moving company. However, you can’t seem to get everything packed correctly. Well, whatever your reasons for moving, you will need moving assistance.

You will also need a good packing technique to avoid breaking your glasses and dishware or losing your valuable belongings. We have prepared a detailed insight into some of the best professional packing tips to help you pack your different commodities safely for a move.

But first!

What Packing Materials Do I Need for a Move?

Cartons are the most common packing materials for both the summer and winter seasons. Get special cartons with covers and ensure they are strong enough to transport anything from electronics and clothing to mirrors and mattresses.

You will also need packing supplies such as plastic bags, old newspapers, corrugated paper rolls, markers for box identification, scissors, and gummed tape at least 2 inches wide for sealing cartons.

What Should You Pack First?

It might seem obvious to pack everything heavy first, but you need a strategy if you want to save time and space. Start by decluttering everything in your home or office and focus on one room at a time. It should help you determine what to sell, keep, toss, or donate.

You will also need to take measurements of your new home or office and remove furniture or belongings that won’t fit. The ideal time to start packing is 4-6 weeks before your moving date. You can start with the things you don’t regularly use until you are down to the essentials in the last few days.

Professional Packing Tips

#1: Use the Right Size of Boxes

Apart from getting quality boxes, you will want to ensure they are the right size to pack all your different types of belongings. For instance, lighter items, such as mattresses, must go in larger boxes, while heavier items, such as books, need to go in smaller boxes.

It will make it easier for movers to identify and organize them in the moving trucks. Besides, when packing different items, ensure everything heavier goes at the bottom.

#2: Bundle the Breakables

Fragile items such as glasses and stemware require care when transporting. Stuff glasses with crumpled tissue or bunched-up paper, and use plenty of padding when packing before you wrap the boxes.

Not that all boxes with your delicate stemware and glassware should be placed in an upright position. Avoid placing them upside down or on its side. Preferably, mark them with a marker to let the movers know how to handle the boxes.

#3: Don’t Leave Empty Spaces in Boxes

It is easy to leave empty spaces, especially when packing bulky and irregularly shaped commodities. The spaces make it easier for the items to shift around when in transit, which can lead to damage. Use foam peanuts, packing paper, blankets, or old clothing to fill in the empty gaps.

#4: Ensure Your Moving Company is Registered

What if your moving company is a scam? The best way to ensure you are not letting scammers burst your bubble is to check if the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

FMCSA also offers free tools and resources to help you protect yourself from fraud and prepare for your move.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is a different state, the same county, or the same state, you might relocate from one place to another at some point in your lifetime.  As you plan your move, consider the above factors to help you pack professionally to avoid breaking or falling into a moving scam.

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