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Whether you’re moving a block away or to a different state or country, you always want to protect all of your belongings. Fragile items like glass or ceramic can break easily if they’re not handled properly during the move.

Here are a few packing pointers that you can use to protect all your fragile items when moving:

1. Don’t Skimp on Space

Naturally, you’ll want to fill all of your moving boxes when packing away your belongings. Logically, the fewer moving boxes you have, the faster and easier your moving will be. However, this is not always a good idea, especially when packing delicate items.

Fragile household items like lampshades need to be packed in separate boxes with a lot of bubble wrap or paper. The same also goes for glasses and plates, which break easily when they’re not packed well. Make layers with paper or bubble wrap between these fragile items to prevent breakage.

2. Use Quality Packaging Supplies

One of the critical packing pointers to consider is the use of quality moving materials to pack your fragile, valuable items. Buy packaging tape, bubble wrap, pliable cardboard, packaging paper, and a few plastic or cardboard moving totes.

Winter Moving & Storage has all the moving and packaging supplies that are especially suited for packing delicate items. The company will move all your fragile cargo without sustaining any damage.

3. Position Items Properly Within Moving Boxes

Item placement in the packaging boxes is also critical, especially for delicate items. Don’t haphazardly place fragile items in boxes assuming that any item combination suffices. Start by always packing the heaviest items at the bottom of boxes so that they don’t crush the lighter items.

Then put the lighter, fragile items on the heavier ones. You should also leave a few gaps in the boxes that you can fill with bubble wrap, paper, towels, or clothing to make the items stay in their packaged positions.

4. Put Fragile Items on Top

Perhaps one of the more critical packing pointers to consider is the placement of your fragile items in packaging boxes. When packing items or loading packaged boxes into the moving truck, ensure that the sturdy, heavy items and boxes go down first.

Put boxes with books and clothing into the truck first, then follow with the lighter boxes packed with fragile items on top.

5. Wrap Each Item Individually

Avoid wrapping fragile items in a bunch since this increases their chances of breaking or getting damaged. Instead of packing delicate items into one big box, it’s highly recommended that you use several smaller-sized boxes for each item, if possible.

Try to wrap each item individually using bubble wrap to decrease room for shaking or knocking against each other when the truck hits the road.

6. Pack Fragile Boxes Last

Besides handling fragile goods with care, you should also pack them last if possible. This is the one moving tip that you want to keep in mind to help save your delicate items.

They should also be the first boxes that you unload and set aside to prevent breakage.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to move to another apartment or state, always work on protecting your household items. The packing pointers mentioned above should help protect all your items, especially fragile ones, during a move.

Moving has never been easier than with Winter Moving & Storage at your service. Contact us today to let us help protect your fragile items during your move.

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