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Packing Tips for Your Next Move | Moving to Arkansas

Do you have a move coming up but have no idea what to do or where to start? Winter Moving & Storage is here to help! We have a few packing tips and mistakes to avoid when moving that will help make the process a little less overwhelming for first-time movers.

What is the Best Packing Process

Many people may want to start the packing process off with the kitchen or bedroom, it is often beneficial to have a more gradual beginning and pack the least-used room first. This can help with preventing burnout and make the entire process feel less overwhelming.

Sort and Declutter

The professionals at Winter Moving & Storage understand the excitement of moving to a new place! Decluttering is one of the most useful of the packing tips. Figuring out which items you want to keep, donate, and throw away is a huge time saver when it comes to actually putting your belongings in boxes. If you have not used an item in the past year, we recommend you consider tossing or donating it. This packing tip is the perfect way to have a fresh start in your new space!

Five Packing No No’s

Waiting Until the Very Last Minute to Pack

Pushing off packing until the last possible minute is one of the worst things to do when moving. It adds to the stress of relocating and increases the chances that you forget things. Taking the time to sort through the clutter makes packing so much easier and less time consuming.

Not Buying Enough Supplies

There is nothing worse than starting the packing process and quickly realizing you did not purchase enough tape or boxes! Don’t prolong the packing process, it is already an intense task as is. Purchasing all of the supplies you will need for packing up your home at once is preferred. At the least make sure you have enough to get you through the items you plan to pack that day.


Not Wrapping Fragile Items

Always make sure to wrap your breakable belongings to maintain their protection. If two glass items happen to bump each other there is a chance they could break. These broken items then become hazardous to moving company employees as well, as they could cut their hands sharp objects. Wrapping can help prevent all of this, and while it may feel like an extra step it is better to be safe than sorry! Towels, sheets, clothing, etc are great options to use as a protective wrap for your breakables.

Not Labeling Boxes

Labeling your boxes is a very crucial step in the moving process! There is nothing worse than moving into a new space and having no idea what is in all of the boxes you brought with you. There is no organization and this exciting experience can quickly become chaotic and overwhelming. Instead of making the unpacking process dreadful, take two minutes while packing to put labels on each box to save yourself two hours of sorting through boxes in the future.

If you are packing for a move and are in need of a professional moving company to assist, reach out to Winter Moving & Storage today! We offer free estimates and can handle any move, large or small.

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