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A little prep work goes a long way, especially before the moving process. Unless you are a complete minimalist (good for you!), collecting your items to be relocated can be a major headache. Luckily, multiple strategies can lower the stress from moving and ensure your belongings arrive at your new destination in great condition! Whether are you are relocating across the street or the country, these packing tricks will help ensure a smooth and seamless move.

Be Careful with Toiletries 

Items like lotions, makeup, and shampoo can be messy if opened during transportation. Take the time to cover the openings with plastic wrap and tape the cap to decrease the risk of leaking. Adding an extra pad or cotton ball inside compacts will help avert breakage.

Code All Containers

Labeling and numbering your boxes with the room and contents (color-code with tape) will drastically help you unpack after the move. As the boxes are moving into your new home, you and the movers can immediately bring them into the proper room for a smoother relocation.  

Create an Overnight Bag

Keys, makeup, medication, your purse or wallet, and other essential items must be placed in an overnight bag along with a change of clothes. If you are moving across the country then packing a suitcase of clothes, toiletries, and other essential items for a few days will be beneficial in case the movies are held-up.

Design a Floorplan

Creating a floorplan diagram of your new space will help you place the furniture, television, electronics, and other items. On moving day, it is as simple as moving your belongings to the exact spot within the home. The diagram also gives you a general guide during the unpacking process to help save time.

Ensure Boxes are Bottom-Heavy

Heavier items must always be placed at the bottom of the box to not damage the other belongings in the container. Also, make sure to fill your boxes to limit jostling during transportation thus better protecting your goods.

Minimize Your Furniture

Removing drawers and securing the contents of furniture by covering it with plastic wrap or placing the entire drawer into a garbage bag will keep all items together and in order. This tip helps you stay organized and simplifies unpacking.

Protect Fragile Items

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are expensive items. To decrease costs while still protecting your fragile wares, use towels, t-shirts, socks, blankets, and old sheets. These will absorb any shock during the move and act as bumpers.

Select the Best Moving Day

Mid-week moving presents the opportunity for less traffic and congestion. With most individuals moving on the weekend, there may even be a discount from the moving company.

Use Self-Storage When Necessary

In many cases, you cannot move every item in your home or apartment at once. The best solution is to utilize self-storage which gives you a place to hold your goods until they are ready to be moved. In the instances where you are moving into a smaller space, storing larger items and furniture in self-storage is a great option.

When only moving large furniture or relocating an entire home, it is best to hire professionals who will safely and effectively do the work for you. Expert movers will load, transport, and unload your items in the best manner. For more information on packing tips or to discuss a move, contact Winter Storage & Moving in Bentonville, Arkansas today!

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