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Planning to Move? Hire Winter Moving & Storage Today!

If you live in or around the Northwest Arkansas area and you’re planning to move, you should seriously consider hiring a professional moving service. You may assume that you can handle a smaller move on your own, especially if you’re moving within the same city (or even the same neighborhood). The idea is that you might be able to save some money by forgoing the services of a professional mover, but this is rarely a good idea. The following are five reasons why you should always hire a professional moving company — even if you think it’s going to be a smaller move:

Save time

Moving all of your things out of your home is going to be a challenge, even if you have a friend helping you. Professional movers can do this quickly due to their experience and know-how (not to mention the equipment that they have access to).

Additionally, unless you have a large moving truck, you’re going to find yourself hauling multiple loads back and forth to complete the move. This will only take way more time.

Avoid injuries

If you don’t have the training or experience, then odds are you may not know how to move certain items properly. Awkwardly-shaped furniture can be challenging to move, especially if you have to take it down your stairs and out of a door that it barely fits through. If you’re not careful, it can be easy to injure yourself — especially if you’re lifting and carrying more substantial items.

If you do experience an injury, you have to stop in the middle of the move. This will delay your progress, which can cause all kinds of issues — including a severe injury that may take some time to heal. Additionally, if you’re getting a friend to help, the last thing you want is to be responsible for them injuring themselves. Professional movers not only have the proper training, experience, and skills to move items without hurting themselves; they also have specialized equipment that makes it easier to move heavier items.

Prevent damage or loss

Without proper experience and training, you’re much more likely to damage your belongings. This can happen as you try to carry heavier items out of your old home or into your new home. Simply dropping items can also cause severe damage during transportation.

Professional movers will not only ensure that nothing is damaged but also have the experience of packing things for a safe and secure transport. And in the rare event that something is damaged, reputable moving companies hold moving insurance to help cover your losses.

Save money

In the end, you’re more likely to save money by hiring a professional mover than if you were to move by yourself. This is because they’ll ensure that your move stays on schedule and help prevent your belongings from being damaged.

Lastly, if you injure yourself, then your medical bills can be quite costly too.

Having peace of mind

Moving can be stressful enough as it is. Allowing a professional moving company to do the heavy lifting can help provide you peace of mind.

Instead of worrying about the physical move, you can focus your attention on other critical move-related matters.

These are five reasons why you should always hire a professional moving service if you’re planning to move, whether you’re moving across the country or down the street. For more information about our professional moving services here in Northwest Arkansas, be sure to contact us at Winter Moving & Storage today.

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