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Quick and Easy Packing Tips | Moving Professionals | NWA

Moving is one of those nightmares many must go through. It can sometimes be annoying and rarely enjoyable, but it pays off in the end. Moving is one of those activities where careful planning and forethought are very important for a successful outcome.

Plan ahead for bad weather.

Of course, you already know this, be keen on the forecast in the days leading up to the relocation. If the weather gets too bad, postpone. Do not put your safety at risk only to move some furniture.

Pack everything you need and identify your boxes in advance.

You shouldn’t have to cram at the last minute any more than necessary. If you want your move to unfold smoothly and efficiently, you should plan. If you don’t want to waste time standing around, plan what you’ll be bringing inside and where it will go ahead of time.

Get the sidewalks ready.

Although this guideline only comes into play in the snow, it is nonetheless vital: Driveways should be cleared of snow in advance, and any ice should be treated with salt or sand.

Cover the floors with tarps or cardboard at your old and new homes to avoid cleaning them up again after the move.

Put extra wrapping around anything that could break.

It’s wise to double-wrap glasses and other breakables throughout winter since the cold makes them more brittle and prone to shattering. This is especially true considering the increased likelihood of slips and falls due to the weather.

Are you concerned about the security of your possessions? Consider hiring expert packers to help you wrap everything up.

Get a sitter to take care of your kids or pets.

Moving is stressful when you have to consider the needs of children and pets. Transporting children and pets during the winter is a particularly challenging task. Just picture yourself having to move furniture while simultaneously caring for little children or dogs who cannot help.

The best option is to hire a babysitter or plan the relocation for a school day. If you can’t find anyone to watch your pets for the day of the relocation, consider leaving them with a friend or at a pet daycare. If none work, see if a moving companion can watch your kids or pets.

Move early

We feel like our days have been halved in length due to the cold and the shorter hours of daylight. If you get a head start on the move, you can get everything done before dark, no matter how many hiccups you encounter.

It’s best to stay put at night for your protection and comfort, as the temperature drops significantly after sunset.

Layer up, and remember your rain boots!

You will sweat even when it is cold outside. Layer your clothing so that you can shed items as needed. Put on a pair of boots that can withstand the elements this winter, including snow, rain, and black ice.

Do not use any heat at either house.

Since so many people would be entering and exiting your home frequently, there is little point in keeping it warm. Turn off the heaters to save money on heating bills. You won’t feel the cold because you’ll be so hot and uncomfortable within your layers.

Warm up the room.

Using a space heater is a good idea to keep a tiny area warm, like a bathroom. It’ll provide you and your movers/friends with a place to stay warm between trips. Taking a few minutes to get hot can make a difference if you’re having trouble.

Remember the towels.

Towels are another handy item on hand in an emergency or as a substitute for a tarp. Keep them available to clean your shoes, wet cartons, or spills.

Let the movers handle the heavy lifting.

Hiring professional movers can alleviate a lot of stress, but even though their rates are higher now than in the offseason, you’ll still save money and time in the long run.


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