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How to Save Money On Your Next Move | Winter Moving & Storage

As anyone who’s ever done it can tell you, moving homes is a pretty big deal; it can also be a very expensive event. From truck fees to packing tape to lost time, everything that goes into making a move successful has a cost. Minimizing these expenses is one important way to make your moving experience as positive as possible. Here are four ways you might do this when looking to relocate to a new home.

Enlist Friends

This time-honored way of getting a move done may not work so well anymore due to busy, variable schedules and  greater moving distances, but your friends can still assist you with parts of your moving process. Some may be willing to help you pack, especially if the work can be done on a flexible basis over the course of several weeks; others might be free to help load up the truck on moving day. Whatever they’re willing to do, no matter how small, can save you time and money over the course of your move.

Pack Tightly

The more boxes you have to move, the more you pay in shipping, supplies and labor costs. However, good packing techniques can reduce the volume of your contents and let you get away with using fewer total boxes. Pack everything as tightly as possible, making sure to keep the overall weight spread out to avoid creating dangerously heavy boxes. Some bulkier items like clothing and outerwear can pose problems, but even then there are some creative solutions you can try. Get your hands on a vacuum sealer and see just how small you really can shrink these things!

Sell Some Stuff

We all keep things around the house that we don’t really use; moving is a perfect excuse to get rid of them. Go through your closets and basement and pick out the items you no longer want, making sure to discard things that you’re unlikely to find a buyer for (like tattered old magazines, patched socks, broken dishware and other things of that nature). Then list everything for sale online or organize an old-fashioned garage sale. This will not only help to reduce the overall volume of stuff that you have to move, but will also generate some proceeds to help cover other move-related expenses and lower the out-of-pocket cost even more.

Get It All Done For You

This might sound like a crazy idea from a cost-saving perspective, but think about it: unlike you, a commercial moving enterprise pulls off successful moves every day. They know exactly how best to get the job done quickly and safely, and they won’t make any costly mistakes along the way. Hiring a professional moving services takes all of the stress out of the move and makes sure it gets done as efficiently as possible – and if you know where to go, it’ll also cost less than you might expect. Getting an up-front quote for the total cost can also help you to budget appropriately for the expense instead of having to scramble to come up with money every step of the way.

You can’t just replace all of your things, and you can’t just stuff everything into the back of your minivan either. What you can do is utilize the professional services of Winter Moving; folks in and around Northwest Arkansas have been turning to our experienced and professional team for generations. Over the years, we’ve handled moves of all sizes, including ones spanning from coast to coast. You can contact us anytime to get a free estimate and see for yourself how much you can save!

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