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Moving is not an easy thing, no matter where you are relocating to. It would be best if you had proper planning before moving out as it can drain you physically, mentally, and financially. If you consider hiring a moving company, then the burden may be lighter for you.

Many moving companies have emerged in the recent past. Winter Moving & Storage Company is one of them and whose services have been appreciated by many. Its services are worth your money and are tailor-made to meet your expectations. The company also offers various storage options that are detailed below.

About Winter Moving & Storage in Bentonville, Arkansas

Winter Moving & Storage is found in  Bentonville, Arkansas. They have consistently met the required Atlas standards demanded of moving companies. Some of the measures include; customer satisfaction ratings, weight estimation accuracy, and quality criteria. The company has a track record of taking care of its clients’ moving and storage needs. Their staff offer quality service with the consideration of how hectic moving can be.

Storage options of Winter Moving & Storage

The storage service is done based on your needs as a client. The particular storage needs of clients are considered and accommodated. Whatever the needs are, you will always get a place to store your items, whether they are many or few.

  1. ABF U-Pack

These containers are weatherproof, boasting durable steel framing. On the inside, the containers have aluminum panels. Each container has a holding capacity of 2500 pounds. The inner measurements of these containers are 70″ x 82″ x 93. This means it can accommodate one room’s furniture and stuff. That’s a pretty big container, and it will serve you effectively without the fear of your belongings breaking. You don’t require any deposit to have these storage containers when moving.

  1. Soft Storage options

Soft storage is the kind of storage done in boxes. Winter Moving &S torage uses these boxes for storing a few belongings that don’t occupy much space. In most cases, if your items are stored in this method, it means that they will not be moved using trucks or vans. Items packed in these boxes are the ones that can’t be stored for long and are not being transferred to distant places. The storage also has an insurance cover, and therefore you can be compensated in case of damage.

  1. Crates

The use of crates is common in most moving and storage companies. Crates come in handy in occupying any available space. They are also easy to arrange according to their shape. For example, a square box will perfectly fit in a squared space. Boxed items are the best to be packed in crates. They also ensure all your shipping is in one place. Most storage crates have sealants, making them waterproof.

What are the essential things to consider in a moving company?

  • Communication

When moving, communication is critical between the client and the moving company. More so if you are moving internationally. If the movement is being done via trucks, they are fitted with trackers which enable constant communication. This allows the company headquarters to be in continuous touch with drivers.

  • An insurance

A good moving company should be insured. This will ensure that you will be compensated for accidents and other tragedies that can’t be prevented.

Bottom line

Moving companies have been a great rescue to many people. Considering a moving company can save you a lot of stress and inconveniences. However, choosing a good company might be a challenge. Winter Moving & Storage company is leading among the best movers across the globe. Here, you have an assurance of an easy moving experience. Their rates are pocket-friendly, and they have a reliable way of packing your belongings. Contacting them can be done online or via a telephone call.


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