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Superior Packing Award | Winter Moving & Storage NWA

At some point in our lives, we have moved, helped, or seen someone else move. You have to agree that it can be quite a hectic process. Factors that worsen moving include; lousy weather, packing of fragile and heavy items, distance, and safety.

All these things might keep you awake at night if you are planning on moving, whether it is from your home or office. This is why it is essential to look for professionals who will help make the process easier.

There are many moving companies out there, and at times, it is challenging to know genuine and reliable ones. Therefore, you have to research and see which best suits you, but even that might be a lot of work, researching every moving company. Further, even after taking up such a task, you might still end up hiring nonexistent or fraudulent movers.

All you need to know when choosing movers

When choosing movers, the first thing you need to do is determine whether the company is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) under the United States Department of Transportation.

This body is in charge of registering and monitoring moving companies. It ensures that these companies are compliant with all the regulations and guidelines put in place. Further, the FMCSA gives you a five-step process that will make it easier to find great moving companies perfect for you.

You might want to consider are the transparent rates issued by moving companies. Most will likely give you their rates based on the hours taken to move or the number of movers needed. Therefore, it is essential to ask about any other charges incurred during the move, such as extra packing material costs, among others. This will help you choose a company that is within your budget.

Superior Packing Awards

A successful track record and good reviews are also vital. You can check online for moving companies with excellent ratings. What better way of determining the best movers than by looking up award-winning companies.

The Superior Packing Awards is one of the most popular awards in the moving industry. It awards agents who demonstrate extra care to the belongings of customers and low incidences of claims. The importance of looking for award-winning companies is because before giving such awards, due diligence is done. This is done to determine how the moving company handles items entrusted to them during moving, their level of professionalism, the number of household goods handled, and customer feedback for services rendered.

Winter Moving and Storage

Satisfying the criteria above is not easy. Fortunately, one of the most common awards-winning companies in the Winter Moving and Storage Company showing how prolific they are in the moving industry.

They help you in packing, moving, and storage. Their packages include residential, commercial, and International moving. Apart from winning the Superior Packing Awards, they are also twelve-time Hauling Excellence award winners in 2001 and from 2004 to 2015 and the Milton M. Hill Quality Award.

This means that they have been in the industry for a long and have gained recognition for their excellent services. They are registered movers by the FMCSA and certified by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).


It is best to entrust your items to a moving company that well established when moving. This makes it easy for you to rest easy knowing that your property is in safe hands and case of anything.  The Winter Moving and Storage Company has gained recognition over the years for its level of professionalism, high-quality services, and low claim incidences, with a 90% favorable response from customers. So the next time you are moving, visit or contact Winter Moving and Storage for excellent services.


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