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When moving you have so much stuff on your mind you can’t always focus on packing. From getting everything ready at your current job to helping your children prepare for a move to all the other odds and ends you need to do, trying to keep everything organized is a difficult job. Because of this, every little bit of help goes a long way.

When it comes to packing up your home and loading it onto a truck, you need to turn to a moving service. However, not every moving service is created equal. You want a company you can trust and one you know will treat your items like their own. At Winter Moving & Storage that’s exactly what you get. In fact, the team is so exceptional in packing they won the Superior Packing Award.

What is the Superior Packing Award

This is an award given to agents who demonstrate extra care to the belongings of customers. While every agent and member of the Winter Moving & Storage staff takes precautions to ensure your items are always safe and sound, these agents go above and beyond. They often take the packaging to the next level, above even what you might do to protect what you’re moving.

Moving is stressful, whether you’re heading around the block or across the country. However, the longer your drive the longer your items are in the back of a truck, which increases the possibility of damage. That is why you need to make sure everything is packed and loaded correctly. As long as everything is placed into the truck correctly and packaged with the utmost care, it doesn’t matter how long the road trip is or how long everything will be in transit. The Superior Packing Award is not only an award for the agents, but it is here to give you peace of mind as well.

Packing and Loading 

To protect your valuables, furniture, and everything else you plan on moving with, you need to focus not only on the quality of your packing but the quality of the truck loading as well. It doesn’t matter how well something is packed, if it isn’t loaded onto a truck correctly it can result in damage during transit. And there’s nothing worse than opening a box, only to find it toppled during the drive and now all your fine china has been smashed.

At Winter Moving & Storage the agents on hand will help not only package your belongings but load everything onto the truck. Loading a truck is in itself a form of art. It’s about understanding what you have to move and maximizing the amount of space you have to work with. By properly taking into account everything you’re moving, the truck will be loaded and your belongings will be protected. So, no matter how long your items are in transit you can be rest assured everything you pack will arrive safely.

Cut the Stress Of Your Move

Moving, regardless of distance, can be stressful. There are so many tasks you have to cross of your to-do list, which can become overwhelming, even if you have months to prepare. With everything from contacting utility companies to taking care of schools and everything going on at work, just a small amount of help can go a long way.

With the help of Winter Moving & Storage, you’ll receive both exceptional assistance and peace of mind. So, whether your move is a month away or is next weekend, give the team a call. The finest agents in packing and moving are waiting to lend you a helping hand.


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