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Take the Hassle Out of Long Distance Moving | Winter Moving & Storage

Long distance moves are both exciting and terrifying. While it opens the window to new experiences, it can also be overwhelming. The list of things to do is daunting. For many, the worst part of a long distance move is packing and transporting of everything they own. You have to go through your belongings and decide what to leave and what to take. Fortunately, you can let Winter Moving and Storage take the responsibility of transporting of moving your belongings to your new home.

Driving a Moving Truck is Nerve-racking

It truly is amazing just how much material you collect over the years. That’s why even if you have a small apartment, it may take a good sized moving truck to haul everything you own. If you’re unaccustomed to driving a large vehicle (unless you are a professional truck driver, chances are you’re not), driving a heavy truck on highways, and busy city streets can be nerve-racking. Let Winter Moving and Storage do the driving and moving will be less stressful.

Winter Moving and Storage can assist with your transportation needs. We can load everything you own onto a truck and drive it to your final destination. So instead of worrying about properly packing and driving a cumbersome and unfamiliar truck, all you need to do is meet our team at your new home. This way, you can focus on the other tasks at hand during your move.

Packing a Truck is Difficult

Packing a moving truck seems straight forward until you start doing it. After all, you just use the old Tetris method, and if it fits, you slide it in, regardless of the shape. That, however, is a recipe for damaged and broken goods. It can throw the weight of a moving truck off balance making it difficult to maneuver. If you’re not careful, you may place too much weight either behind the rear axle or in front of it, which can cause major problems while driving on long distance moves (especially for those who rented a moving trailer instead of a truck). Packing a truck in itself is an art form. Professional packing makes the most of the available space, safely secures every box and item, and leaves the most crucial things near the truck door. With Winter Moving and Storage, you can relax because you know your personal belongings are well-cared for. So, instead of worrying about damaged and lost items, you’ll soon open your boxes and find your belongings safe and sound.

Your Moving and Packing Needs Taken Care Of

Long distance moves can prove stressful. There are so many things to do before you leave. And even more to do when you arrive at your new home. Let Winter Moving and Storage make your move a good experience. No matter what you’re moving or how much you’re moving, we will take care of all of your needs.

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