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Whether you are moving to a new home or office, it’s always vital to do prior preparation. You do not want to be overwhelmed at the last minute. Moving becomes so much easier when you take an organized move approach. Here are 10 tips from Winter Moving & Storage that can help you organize your move.

1. Make an Organized Move Plan

Before you begin packing, come up with a clear strategy on how you will spend each day preparing for the move. Create a list of all the activities you must do before and during your move from sorting, purging, ordering packing supplies, and packing for the big day.

2. Research Prospective Movers

The mover you hire determines how successful your move will be. Find a company that has great online reviews about their services. Be sure to also check their insurance and complaint records to reduce the chance of having a problem during the move.

3. Declutter

Moving is easier when you take just what you need for your new premises. If you have not used something in a long time, trash, sell or donate it. Decluttering will create space in the moving truck to avoid spending money on several trips.

4. Set a Moving Date

Setting a moving date gives you a goal to meet to get your packing done. If you decide to move in two weeks, then you have two weeks to prepare.
You could hire an expert mover to help you with packing, or you can do it yourself.

5. Categorize Your Stuff

After removing all the clutter, categorize your stuff into “delicate handle with care” and other categories. Kitchenware like glasses should be separated from other non-fragile items. Additionally, electronic appliances should be categorized as fragile to ensure that they are well taken care of during the move.

6. Get Boxes and Other Packing Supplies

Getting packing boxes is a must for a move. Consider investing in quality boxes that are strong and big enough to fit all your stuff. You will also need to buy masking tapes, staplers, staples, markers, bubble wrap, packing paper, and other necessary supplies.

7. Do a Room by Room Packing

It’s always easier to do a room by room packing. Start with the places that are easy to tackle and end with those that you may need help with. Do not pack things that you will need to use before the day of your move. Your kitchen and bedroom should be the rooms you handle last. Maximize the items in each box to save on space.

8. Remember to Label

Come up with a labeling system to enhance the traceability of your items when you get to your new home. Indicate the contents of each box with visible labels. Labeling will also guide the movers on how to handle each box and avoid damages.

9. Get Expert Help

If you don’t want to go through the stressful process of packing and organizing, get expert help. Experts have a better understanding of how to pack and move different equipment so you can rest assured you will have an organized move.

10. Involve Your Family

It is vital to involve your family in the activities at hand. Allow the kids to pack their toys, and if they are all grown, let them help with all the activities. Let the experience be fun for the entire family.

Let Winter Moving & Storage Help

For an organized move, prior preparation is critical. You don’t have to let the process overwhelm you. We have all the expertise and packing supplies you need to help you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Leave your organized move to a professional and contact Winter Moving & Storage.

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