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The Art of Moving | Winter Moving & Storage

There is an art to moving. Ask anyone who has tossed items into the back of a truck or van about the experience; they’ll say it didn’t work out so well. The proper approach to moving is much more safe and efficient.

Winter Moving & Storage has all the subtleties of moving mastered. Let us spearhead this project and you will find we sweat the small stuff, ensuring your possessions arrive at your new digs without damage and on time.

Moving the Right way Begins with Early Packing

Preparation is necessary to ensure the move is performed artfully and successfully. Winter Moving & Storage will develop a plan of action. Once we have determined the optimal approach for moving your belongings, we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Time is of the essence. Start planning your move sooner rather than later, and there will be that much more time to develop the best possible strategy and execute it for an efficient, damage-free (and drama-free) move.

Packing in the Proper Order

It’s a mistake to simply dump all your items in boxes and stack them in the back of a moving truck. The order in which items are packed is of the utmost importance.

It makes sense to pack books, dressers, and nightstands well ahead of time. Kitchen utensils, food, and clothes should be packed last because they will be necessary until moving day.

Some Items Should be Donated or Sold

There’s no sense moving every single item from your home to your new digs if you will not use all of those items. Take a moment to review all of your possessions to determine which are truly necessary. Separate items to move from those that should be donated or sold. If an item in question has been in your basement or attic for years, it’s probably better to donate, sell, or trash it. There’s no justification for moving it to your new location.

Labeling is Essential to Moving Success

Boxes will start piling up around you as you pack. It’s awfully easy to forget which items are packed in specific boxes. This is precisely why you should label each box as soon as it is packed.

Label boxes appropriately and you won’t have to search every box for a specific item later. This way, if you need something right away when you arrive at your new digs, you’ll know exactly which box it is in.

Pack Properly

Winter Moving & Storage knows exactly how to pack items carefully and protectively. Items that are fragile, breakable, and/or valuable should be well-cushioned with protective material and placed in their boxes so they don’t break when moved. Put your faith in our team and we will apply all precautions when moving your fragile items to guarantee they arrive at your new home or office in the same shape they were in when originally packed.

Consider Creating a Moving Day Box

Take a moment to consider when your move is completed and you are surrounded by boxes at your new apartment, home, or office. You will be stressed-out and uncertain about how to approach the unpacking process.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a single box containing essential items such as a shower curtain, bath mat, towel, toiletries, and easy food? A “moving day box” will make it that much easier to make a seamless transition to your new digs.

Winter Moving & Storage is Here to Help with Your Move

When it comes to moving, no one does it better than Winter Moving & Storage. Reach out to us today to learn more about our moving services and schedule assistance for your move. You can contact Winter Moving & Storage by calling 1-800-435-6683 or complete our convenient contact form and we will be in touch.

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