Three Important Qualities Every Storage Unit Should Have

Drive down the highway to the edge of town or an industrial park, and you will find dozens of storage buildings and do-it-yourself warehouse solutions. Many of these companies promise quick and easy access to your valuables at a low monthly fee. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find that those promises will come with a price. To pick the right place to store your valuables, you should look at three features that go beyond just price. You’ll want to take note of these three qualities every storage unit should have!

Climate-Controlled Units

A few things can damage your valuables faster than changes in temperature. During hot summers, when the mercury outside is pushing triple digits, the inside of a non-climate controlled unit could be 20-30 degrees warmer. This higher temperature can cause severe long-term damage to most valuables.

However, climate control goes beyond only controlling the temperature. One of the most important aspects of modern climate control is maintaining the right humidity. If a unit becomes too dry, your valuables can be damaged: wood can crack, book covers can bend, and precious pictures and other mementos can age prematurely. If the humidity is too high, moisture in the air may lead to mold and mildew forming on clothing or furniture fabrics.

Look to keep your valuables in a storage unit that includes indoor, climate-controlled with temperatures ranging between 55 and 85 degrees. And before signing a contract, ask how the company manages humidity throughout the year.

Loading and Unloading Services

Before you can place your valuables into a storage unit, which is the final step of the packing and moving process, you must first find a way to get your items there. If you don’t have ready access to a pickup truck, or if your items are too large and heavy for you to move, you may find it challenging to take your items to the unit on your own.

Fortunately, some companies offer both loading and unloading services. All you will need to do is determine which items will go into your storage unit; your professional movers will do the rest. Not only will you have peace of mind because your items will be handled and moved into the unit with the utmost care but also the added benefit of a neat and organized storage unit when you are ready to remove your items.

Finally, many companies that offer loading and unloading services also provide delivery service. With the delivery service, you never have to worry about damaging a precious family heirloom or dropping a glass tabletop when trying to place your items into your moving truck.

AMSA Member

The American Moving and Storage Association is a nationwide organization that ensures quality service delivery in the moving and storage industries. Members must go through a rigorous application process that includes verifying that their company follows Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines for moving companies and proof that they adhere to AMSA’s strict ethical and service standards.

Companies with the AMSA seal of approval have shown that they take customer service, honesty, and integrity seriously. You can trust that these companies have a history of exceptional business practices and that they continue to work to maintain those high standards.

Finding the right storage company is no longer as simple as opening the yellow pages and picking the first name that you see. Today, it is important to vet your storage company to find one that offers the right balance of fair prices and services to meet your needs. Don’t forget these three qualities every storage unit should have!

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