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Moving to a new home or office can be hectic. You have to figure out how to pack all your belongings so that they arrive at your new location undamaged. Packing Books is no exception. Whether you have an entire bookshelf full of books or just five books, here are some tips to help you pack them without the risk of damage.

1. Sort Through Your Collection

People hold on to books they will never read. You do not need to keep all your books. Separate the books you plan to re-read and those you are never going to read. You can give some books away or donate them to charity if they are in good shape. If your books are in bad condition, throw them away.

It is okay to feel an attachment to all your books, but only take those you need. Spend a month or two before moving, go through your collection, and decide the books you can’t part with. If you are a booklover, you will surely purchase more books after you move. Books are heavy, and if you are hiring professional movers, you may want to cut your costs by getting rid of unnecessary junk.

2. Prepare Your Packing Materials

Packing Books into small, sturdy boxes that are no larger than 1.0 cu/ft is key. You do not want huge boxes since books could then be too heavy to lift. Consider purchasing cardboard customized boxes to maximize space.

Get clean and soft packing paper to lay in the boxes if you plan to recycle your moving boxes. You will also need newspaper, bubble wrap, or cloth to fill in spaces left by the books. Have enough tape to seal the boxes after they are packed with books. If you do not want to go through the struggle of gathering packing materials, Winter Moving & Storage has all the supplies you need.

3. Pack Your Books Early

Getting an early start with your packing helps avoid last-minute rushing and confusion. Start by reinforcing each box with tape, especially at the bottom and the sides.

  • Place heavyweight books in boxes and use separators between every three books to prevent page creasing
  • Pack your books flat along the sides of the box to prevent damage if pressure is inflicted on the box
  • Arrange lighter books in a separate box and organize them according to height
  • If you plan to share a box for all books, pack the heavy ones on the bottom and the lighter ones on top

Remember to fill any space left in the box with old newspapers or a piece of cloth. Leaving space in the box allows the books to shift and cause damage to your books.

Rely on Winter Moving & Storage

Your books deserve the best care that you can give them. Hire a moving expert to receive the best advice in preparing for your move & to do all your heavy lifting is a great idea. Contact Winter Moving & Storage to make your moving experience less stressful for you and your family.

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