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Moving can be tiring! There is a lot involved in the whole process, from hiring movers, packing, and then, unpacking everything you packed! Packing may be the most complicated of all the tasks to finish before the big moving day. It is important to pack your items in a way that will ensure they get to your new home while still intact. To make packing as easy as possible, use these expert tricks and tips:

Consider weight and volume

Though it may be tempting to fill every box with items so that you can have a few boxes to empty on arrival, it is essential to consider the volume and weight of your belongings. To ensure that you have a minimal number of boxes while considering volume and weight, do the following:

  • Fill up boxes with a mixture of heavy items
  • Use small boxes when packing unless when packing heavy items like dishware
  • Put heavy items at the bottom of boxes to avoid damage to anything else inside

Label your boxes

It can be frustrating for you to finally get your possessions then realize that all boxes are identical, and you have no idea which items are inside because you forget to label them. Take time and appropriately label your boxes. It will help the movers know how to handle the boxes and make unpacking easy.

To properly label your boxes, consider doing the following:

  • Have the marking materials such as high-quality marker, waterproof permanent marker, and labels
  • Label all sides of your boxes
  • Create a labeling system such as based on the room the items are from
  • Have an inventory list

Mark fragile items accordingly

Pack your fragile items in materials that offer cushion and protect areas susceptible to cracking or breaking glasses or mirrors. You can use bubble wrap, newspapers, or even towels to line the packaging material. Also, it would help to use pre-divided boxes. The compartments help limit the movement of the items, hence limiting chances of breaking. Also, if you have the item’s original box, you can repack them there. This initial package is specifically sized for the product and will provide the highest protection.

Save space with vacuum Bags

Bed linens and bulky clothes such as winter coats and sweaters can be challenging to pack. To make it easy to pack them, use vacuum bags. They will help you reduce the amount of space you’re taking up and make their packing process easier.

Do not remove your clothes from hangers

It may be tempting to unhang your clothes, fold them and pack them in a suitcase somewhere when moving. However, it would be easier to group them in batches, cover them with a clean bag, and transport them. It will save you the time you would spend unpacking them.

Start with the non-essentials

Chances are it is going to take a few days to pack your whole house. It would help start the packing process by packing away the non-essentials in every room. Have a place within your home dedicated to storing your boxes, or get a portable container where you can slowly load at your convenience.


Even with the tips above, it would help to consult professionals such as winter moving and storage before starting the packaging process. We are the best moving company in Northwest Arkansas. We follow FMCSA standards guaranteeing you quality and efficient services. Contact us today, and we will make your moving day a cinch.

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