Tips For Families Planning To Move

Moving is a hectic time for anyone. For families, relocating can bring on more stress factors than just cleaning and packing. Moving to a new home, especially if it is in a different town, can be a scary and confusing time for kids. It’s important to make your kids feel included in the move so feel like they are part of the transition. Here are a few tips for making the move a smooth transition and a fun adventure for your kids.

1. Give your kids colored boxes that they can pack some of their toys, clothes, books, etc., in. This will make packing more fun for them, and it will let them feel like they get to have a role in the move. It also means less packing for you!

2. Make sure you set a box aside for personal essentials–toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, etc. These will be some of the first things you will need when you move in, and you won’t want to dig through boxes to find them in a hurry.

3. Pack snacks and activites for the road. It can be very hard for a child to say goodbye to their home and neighborhood. Keep your kids occupied with fun snacks and car activities so they don’t have time to focus on being nervous or sad. It’s also a good idea to leave their favorite blanket or pillow out of the boxes so they can have it with them on the trip.

4. Have a campout in your living room! When you first arrive at your new home, boxes will still be packed and beds may not be put together yet. Make the first night in your new home fun for your kids by setting up camp in your living room.

5. Go exploring. Many families have a favorite park or restaurant that they all enjoy going to. Take time during one of your first days to explore the new options in your area. Let your kids know that park days don’t have to end just because you are leaving the one they are used to.

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