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Tips for a Stress-Free Senior Moving Experience | Winter Moving & Storage

Moving is stressful for almost anyone. There seems to be so much to prepare for, and there is some apprehension about leaving behind your familiar surroundings for somewhere you are unsure of. However, relocation is particularly stressful for seniors. There are so many things that seniors have to factor into their move that younger movers might not have to. For instance, most of them are downsizing, so deciding what to keep or throw away might add to their stress of relocation.

Nonetheless, there are several ways of easing a move for senior citizens. Here are a few.

Have a checklist and plan for the move

Early planning is essential when you want to minimize stress when relocating. Have a checklist of what you intend to do at different points before your move to ensure you do not overlook or forget anything important. For instance, you can book a reputable, licensed, and insured moving company a month before your move so that you avoid the last-minute rush when you have to settle for anyone. Also, start packing the items you do not use much. Finish packing up a week before your move, then plan your meals and schedule for moving day at this time.

Eliminate clutter

It is easy to accumulate clutter through different life stages as a senior. Start decluttering for your move as soon as possible. Make rational decisions on what you need to keep and discard. If you are on the fence about anything, get a separate box for it. If there are family valuables, consider asking family members whether any of them would want to keep them instead of throwing them away. You can schedule a garage sale or a day to donate the items you do not wish to keep before your move.

Pack a room at a time

Do not overwhelm yourself by packing an entire house in a day. Aim to pack a room at a time while keeping in mind the number of items in each room. Ideally, start with the rooms you do not often use, then pack the living room, kitchen, and bedroom last. If you start early, you will have a lot of time to spare before your move. Remember to label your storage boxes according to their rooms to ease unpacking.

Recognize your limits when packing. You do not want to start your life in a new location while nursing an injury. To protect yourself, get help from a professional moving company. This has the personnel and suitable machines to move your items into packing boxes safely. All you need is your list of what items should be packed in which boxes to guide their work.

Research your storage options

After packing, you might have to store some items outside your home. Research your storage options for items and discuss the cost implications of transportation to an off-site storage facility with your moving company. Some moving companies offer storage facilities. It is prudent to work with these ones because you will get a good discount on the service and will not worry about the safety of your stored items. Moreover, moving them from the storage facility to your new home will be easy.

With the above steps, you will ease the stress of moving for any senior. As you might have understood, partnering with the right moving company is one of the main ways of easing a relocation. For this, look for a company specifically skilled in moving seniors. Winter Moving & Storage, with over 40 years of experience in senior relocation, is the best in this regard. Contact them today to ease your relocation of seniors.


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