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Tips for Moving During the COVID Pandemic

Tips for Moving During the COVID Pandemic

There are multiple reasons why people are still moving despite the global pandemic. While moving is overwhelming and complicated on its own, now that everyone is living in these unprecedented times, it’s more stress-inducing. It has become more stressful due to the global pandemic.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt to do it by yourself or hire experts to assist in relieving some stress that comes with unpacking and packing from hours on end.

The Covid 19 guidelines are put forth to ensure that everyone stays safe. There are moving professionals that have made safety their number one priority for both the team and clients. In this article, we narrowed down some of the tips to consider for safe and smooth moving.

Search for a moving agency with COVID-19 regulations

It is recommendable to use movers following the Covid-19 procedures and regulations for safety measures. You need to know their instituted protocols amid this pandemic and check whether they are always wearing gloves, masks and maintaining social distance to reduce any risk of spreading the virus.

Wearing masks properly and social distancing are the main parameters that should be considered to lower the risk of exposure.

Go virtual with paperwork.

People who have ever hired professional movers before the pandemic are fully aware of how much paperwork is involved. With the global situation, it’s best if everything is done virtually to avoid close contact with people. Before, there were so many documents and passing of pens; providing virtual surveys will ensure safety to avoid all this.

Have only one designated Point Person on a moving day.

The entire family should not be involved during the moving day. You should only engage one member from your household to interact with the movers. It will assist you in making sure that everyone is kept safe from the virus.

Sanitize the New Home Before Settling In.

There is no greater feeling than eventually getting into the new home. However, before you begin to unpack, it’s advisable to sanitize and clean the space.

Do a thorough sanitization and cleaning of the doors, cabinets, walls, windows, floors, countertops, and much more. It helps eliminate viruses and germs that the previous movers or inhabitants might have unconsciously left behind.

Hunt for a house virtually.

Doing in-person meetings while house hunting; might expose you to the virus and is not enticing. So, you should search for a reliable real estate agency to deal with virtually. Due to the pandemic, most agents are providing virtual home tours via real-time videos or even coming up with a 3D video of the property for you to explore while on your own.

Though you might need to see the property in person, virtual tours will assist in narrowing down the options safely. But ensure the agents are observing covid 19 guidelines.

While most things in life are on hold nowadays as people work closely to fight the spread of the virus, most individuals are still opting to move.

Some choose to move due to the pleasing interest rates or rather the urge to get closer to their families, while others yearn for nature and space that the city life does not offer or because your work-from-home office can be anywhere. Though you have fears and know the dangers of moving, the above guidelines are helpful during the moving process.

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