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It’s always more practical to move in summer: you can finally take a few days off without feeling guilty. However, to avoid the inconvenience and risks that summer relocations entail—including missed holidays, discomfort, intense fatigue, and dehydration—call Winter Moving and Storage for professional assistance. 

Five tips for moving in summer

1. Be well organized

With the hot weather, don’t make things even harder for yourself by being poorly organized. The primary objective is for the operation to last as short as possible. To do this, make sure you have prepared everything in advance. Don’t wait until the last day to start packing your items.

The other goal is to leverage the cooler hours of the day: the early morning until 11 a.m. maximum, or the late afternoon and evening. Everything must be ready to work on this relatively reduced timing. If the volume of items to be moved requires you to operate in hot weather, plan to do the heaviest handling during the coolest hours.

2. Wear the right outfit

Choose light clothes that are comfortable to wear. Choose clothes that are neither too short nor too long. Choose comfortable and light clothes for your moving day. Opt for materials such as cotton instead of synthetic materials.

Consider bringing hats or caps for the children. It will save them from heatstroke when they go back and forth in direct sunlight.

3. Hydrate

The number one enemy in high heat is dehydration. So remember to drink a lot of water! Carry fresh water in large quantities, kept cool in coolers or isothermal pockets if there is no fridge. Make sure everyone drinks regularly throughout the day.

Do not buy alcohol to drink during the move: it causes dehydration! For food, bring plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as yogurt if you have enough to keep them cool. All these foods are rich in water and provide a very appreciable feeling of freshness.

Moving in the summer is difficult and requires even stricter organization than ever before to not suffer from the heat. Professional movers are used to this exercise and know perfectly well the right strategies to adopt. For complete peace of mind, quickly discover our moving options at affordable prices.

4. Take care of electronics

With the ambient heat, you will have to be careful that your electronic objects (TV, telephone, computers, etc.) do not burn out in the sun. If overexposed in the heat, soldered parts may melt inside, which may mean repair or replacement costs. Therefore, do not leave this type of device exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

5. Work with pros

We believe that summer is the perfect season to relocate.

  • You can take advantage of your vacation to prepare (or unpack) moving boxes and plan the necessary small jobs.
  • The days are longer, and the weather is good, an asset for organizing and succeeding in your move more easily.
  • For children who have to change schools, the transition is smooth at the start of the school year.

But it is not always easy to anticipate everything! It is thus essential to work with professionals to avoid too much stress. If you bank on friends, you may feel understaffed or disappointed if they don’t show. You may also expose yourself to injuries, fatigue, and back problems if you handle a complicated move without professional help.

To execute a seamless move during the summer, contact Winter Moving and Storage.  We will save your time and reduce costs and ensure an incident-free relocation. We also provide affordable storage solutions if you need self-storage to smooth out your relocation.

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