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While you may be looking forward to living in your new place, moving there involves preparing, packing, transporting, and unpacking everything you own. That’s a lot of things to do. Plus, your life will be nowhere close to normal until everything’s done. Let’s look at five top tips for an easy, stress-free move.

#1 Plan Carefully

Planning your move will make the actual process go faster and more efficiently. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Determine your moving date and then move backward in planning
  • Decide when you need to have non-essentials packed, when you need to notify utilities, when you need to send out a change of address, etc.
  • Set goals for each week prior to a move.

Create a binder or folder to contain all your moving documentation and notes. Having a single place for this information will help keep you organized.

Source packing materials early in the process to make sure you have it when you need it.

#2 Pack with Moving and Unpacking in Mind

Your new home is not going to have the same layout as your old place. You may be gaining or losing a bedroom or a bathroom. You might have less storage or storage in odd places. You might need to move your crafting supplies from the dining room to your new bonus room.

As you are packing, consider where each item will go in the new place. For example, the towels in your current bathroom may need to be divided for use in two bathrooms. Pack the towels for one bathroom together and the rest in another container for the second bath.

Label everything. At the very least, you need to label where each box is supposed to go to the new place. Ideally, you should note what the contents are as well.

#3 Put Aside Essentials

You need to be prepared to live with bare essentials for a few days while you settle in and unpack.

Pack what you need for at least three days after the move. This includes clothing, linens, towels, cooking supplies, basic cleaning supplies, toilet paper, etc. You may need to pack more essentials if you are moving long distance.

#4 Keep the Kids and the Pets Away from Moving Day

Moving day is going to be chaotic and stressful for everyone in the household. It can also be a potentially dangerous environment for kids and pets. The kids can get underfoot and get hurt by accident. Movers will leave doors open which would allow for pet escape.

The better option is to plan for the kids and pets to be away at least for a few hours on moving day. Let the grandparents take the kids. See if your aunt will let you corral your furry ones in her spare bedroom. Make a playdate with your best friend’s kids and pets.

You can concentrate on getting the move done without worrying about the little ones and the furry/scaly/feathery ones.

#5 Get Help with the Move

Unless you are living in a closet with one suitcase of clothing, you will need help on moving day. Friends and family can help out, especially with packing and unpacking. For the least stress possible, hiring a professional mover is the ideal option. The movers can get the job done quickly and efficiently, with minimal hassle.

These tips will help you make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible. A professional moving company like Winter Moving & Storage can make this transition easier with services that include packing, transport, and unpacking. Give us a call today.

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