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When you move, your belongings and furniture don’t magically teleport from your existing residence to your new home. Moving is demanding, difficult work that most prefer to leave to the experts, which is where the moving company enters the conversation. The professionals have the expertise, equipment, and staff to help with the transition. Even for the moving company, the process is risky and can be dangerous due to the high physical demand. As a result, it’s crucial to hire an insured mover for the following three reasons:

Damage to Household

Moving is a difficult task, especially with larger items that don’t fit through small spaces and need to be transported through your house. Just like in life, accidents happen – couches hit the wall, heavy boxes are dropped onto the floor, and furniture feet create scuffs against the hardwood. By hiring an insured mover, any damage to your existing or new residence will be covered.

Loss of Belongings

Another leading reason to hire an insured mover is the loss of belongings. While efficient packaging will keep your items snug and safe, on rare occasions, a box may fall off the truck or become lost during transportation. You don’t want to arrive at your new residence, unpack, and find that critical items are missing from the movers. While it’s unlikely you’ll have your items returned, at least you can be reimbursed for those belongings.

Protection of Belongings

Just like damage to your home could happen, damage to your belongings could also occur. Of course, movers are professionals who move your items with care, but accidents happen. Boxes with fragile items are dropped and individual items crack and break. An insured mover will cover the cost of these damages.

Types of Insurance

According to U.S. law, an insured mover must provide two types of liability options:

Full Value Protection

With Full Value Protection, the mover is liable for the cost of damaged or lost items during shipment. This is the default type of insurance unless you choose Released Value (below). If an article is destroyed, damaged, or lost while in your mover’s hands, your insured mover will take one of three options:

  • Provide a cash settlement for repair or current value
  • Repair the damaged item
  • Replace the item with a similar product

With this option, an insured mover can limit their liability for damage or loss of an item of extraordinary value, unless you specify items during shipping. An item of extraordinary value is one that exceeds $100 per pound like fine china, antiques, silverware, furs, and jewelry. Remember, the exact cost of this type of protection varies by moving company. Always ask your moving company for the details of their plan.

Released Value

The most economical option is Released Value, which is offered by the insured movers at no charge but delivers minimal protection. This option requires the mover to assume liability for no greater than 60-cents per pound per item. Within your contract, you must sign a contract agreeing to this type of protection.

If additional moving insurance is in your budget, then it’s worth the money, especially for long-distance moves. If not, the insured moving company provides minimal insurance to protect your items. In any case, ensuring that the moving company has insurance is crucial to a streamlined move.

When you need help with a move, contact Winter Moving & Storage in Northwest Arkansas. We’re proud to be a 12-time winner of Atlas’ most prestigious honor, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award and look forward to providing you with a safe, stress-free move.

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