Top Three Things To Remember When Moving in 2020 | Winter Moving

Are you moving into a new office, home, or apartment? We have you covered.

Your entire moving experience is defined by how you prepare. You have a long list of things to do and it’s easy to lose focus.

Moving can be stressful. Professional movers from Winter Moving provide tips on how to make your next move seamless. Here are several things to remember when moving in 2020:

1. Change your Address

Missing important mail after you’ve moved can create problems, especially during the tax season. To get ahead of the problem, our professional movers have provided a comprehensive list of who to notify. Start by notifying the post office of your address change. Our professional movers recommend doing this at least one week before the D-day (departure day).

2. Notify Agencies, Utilities

This can be done online for most state and federal tax agencies. The social security administration should also know where you are moving. Utilities such as gas and electric, phone, internet, and cable should have your new address as soon as possible. If you’re unsure where to start, reach out to our professional movers for information on things to remember when moving.

3. Change the Locks

Make note of all the external doors in your new home. Our professional movers recommend you change the locks. There’s no telling how many copies of keys are out there. Ensure you change the main entrance door lock, at least. We recommend reaching out to our experts at Winter Moving to ensure your move is protected.

You have invested and time and money in your new home. All your possessions and furniture have been moved to your new place. Regardless of other priorities, changing your locks is a critical step. Moreover, not changing your locks can nullify an insurance claim.

4. Select a Professional Mover

Selecting the right movers is an integral part of the moving process. You’ve probably researched the best professional movers in your area. We recommend our certified moving professionals at Winter Moving. Our movers are licensed and more than happy to provide the necessary credentials.

What makes our services stand out from the rest? The genuine concern we have for your possession sets us apart.

We ensure all items entrusted to us are safely packed and transported. We label, package, and transport them with our moving trucks. Our professional movers take necessary precautionary measures, such as obtaining insurance.

We not only help you move; we also provide expert moving tips. Our transparency policy is upheld in all our operations. We readily offer all the move’s details.

You can relocate with surety because of our safety measures and legitimacy.

There are a lot of things to remember when moving, from getting the right professional movers down to the small stuff. Preparing your move weeks in advance helps you get ahead of the problem.

Using the Winter Moving, you can cut costs and relieve the emotional and physical stressors that come with moving. Reach out to one of our experts for more insights on Winter Moving services and things to remember when moving.

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