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What Does Being an Atlas Partner Mean? | Winter Moving & Storage

What Does Being an Atlas Partner Mean?

Winter Moving and Storage is your trusted provider of premium local, interstate, and cross-border moving and storage services.  Our partnership with Atlas Van Lines as a moving agency enhances our vast operational processes and capacity. Atlas Van Lines is the second-largest van line and household goods mover in the United States and a highly-rated industry leader.

Winter Moving and Storage continues to be an award-winning and top interstate agent in the Atlas network since joining in 1979. As a top Atlas Van Lines moving agent, Winter Moving and Storage provides best-in-class relocation services in the Northwest Arkansas region and across the country.

Whether you are moving your home or business across the city, state, or country, enlisting the services of a reputable relocation agency is a key step in protecting your assets. Our 40-year partnership with Atlas Van Lines means that you are guaranteed top-quality professional moving and storage services.

What the Atlas Van Lines Partnership Offers

1. Best-in-Class Moving Vans and Trucks

Being an Atlas partner means Winter Moving and Storage has access to top-of-the-line relocation resources to ensure any kind of move is smooth and hassle-free. Having your precious belongings moved with Atlas moving vans and trucks offers several benefits, including:

  • GPS tracking – GPS monitoring puts us right there in the vans themselves. It allows us to have control of our fleet of vehicles in transit. We are aware of the status of your belongings at all times and can make important decisions that account for current conditions. GPS monitoring enforces safe driving, ensures the safety of your belongings through theft protection, and improves customer service.
  • Air-Ride Suspension – Winter Moving and Storage always delivers your cargo in one piece, and our Atlas partnership ensures this. Atlas moving trucks and vans are outfitted with air-ride suspension that facilitates a smooth ride.
  • Climate Control – The environment in which your cargo is transported can be important for its longevity, especially if you are moving great distances. Atlas moving trucks feature climate control to cater to sensitive shipments that necessitate special heated, cooled, or humidity conditions.
  • Lift Gates – Help our personnel to safely and quickly load and unload your cargo

2. Comprehensive Moving and Storage Services

Being an Atlas Van Lines moving agent enables Winter Moving and Storage to offer a range of relocating services that cater to all kinds of moving needs. We can accommodate and meet the unique relocating needs of your household or business. The services our Atlas partnership makes possible include:

  • Residential Moving – We can safely and timely move your household belongings, whether you’re relocating to a nearby neighborhood or moving from coast to coast. Winter Moving and Storage offer local and long-distance residential moves.
  • Corporate Relocation – We offer comprehensive relocation services for small and large companies. Our atlas partnership grants us access to valuable resources such as GPS monitoring and inventory management, which allow us to manage all the aspects of corporate relocation.
  • International Moves – Through our network of partner agents throughout various countries, we are able to move your cargo across the oceans safely.
  • Storage Solutions – As an Atlas agent, we provide highly secure storage facilities that adhere to strict safety standards. Our facilities feature climate-controlled storage and round-the-clock self-storage options.

3. Access to Vetted and Well-Trained Moving Personnel

Our atlas partnership also means your cargo will be handled by well-trained, certified, and experienced personnel. At Winter Moving and Storage, we screen all our moves via a rigorous hiring process, which includes background checks and drug tests.

On top of the skills, they bring to the table, our employees receive ongoing training at the Atlas Academy. You can rest assured that your belongings are in some of the best hands in the moving industry.

Winter Moving and Storage takes pride in our partnership with Atlas Van Lines since it enables us to offer you reliable and class-leading moving and storage services.

Together, we have an extensive network of trucks, vans, freight carriers, and storage facilities throughout the U.S. Overall; our long-standing partnership is a valuable asset that helps get you where you need to move efficiently and safely.


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