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Whether yours is a local or a long distance move for your home or business, you need to do in-depth research before hiring a moving company. The moving company you choose to use should be registered with the federal government and have insurance. Be sure to check with the BBB and consumer protection agencies to see if the companies you are researching have any history of client complaints. Saving money is a good idea, but you should not let it trump your other priorities, like ensuring that your things arrive undamaged.

Track Record

Hiring a professional moving company that has been around for quite some time comes with added advantages. A company that has had success in this field is experienced and knows how to handle your possessions right. A company with a web presence allows you to look at customer reviews to see if they pack up, move and deliver on time. Some other information you might find useful includes:

  • Registration status
  • The services offered
  • Contact information
  • Safety information
  • Complaint information

Licensing and Insurance 

When you are looking for a moving company to hire, you should make sure that it is licensed and insured. If the company is legally bound to take care of your property and deliver everything undamaged, it is more likely to do a better job. The company should also have a valid DOT number, which is required for interstate moves. Registration with the US Department of Transportation allows them to be aware of your movement and offer assistance in case of any challenges.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews given by customers provide a lot of valuable information about a moving company. The majority of the time, people give reviews when they got excellent service or were completely disappointed. You can weigh the positive reviews against the negative ones to help you make a sound decision.  Make sure to pair this information with your in-depth research on a given company for a well-informed decision. Reviews alone are not enough to help you decide on the best moving company.

Fraudster Awareness

The cases in which customers were taken advantage of by fraudsters posing as professional movers are few, but it is wise to take precautions to avoid becoming a victim. Ensure that the company you want to hire has a valid physical address and accessible service records. They should have an active license and be registered as legitimate professional movers.

Personal Moving Needs

Moves are different for everyone, and with each one, people have individual needs that must be accommodated. Moving an office is very different from moving a home due to the types of items being moved, for example. Make sure that if you have fragile items that can easily break, you inform your mover about it so that they handle them with care. The size of trucks the company owns and whether or not they have provisions for packing supplies are also factors you need to consider.


For you to have a successful moving experience, you need to take time to research professional movers and make informed decisions. Make sure to prioritize quality and reliability to avoid disappointment and property loss. Looking at the safety history of the company you want to hire helps you gauge how much you can trust them and if you would be willing to hire them. Moving can be daunting, but you can make it a fun experience by preparing well for it.

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