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When’s the Best Time to Move? | Winter Moving & Storage

Before moving to a new place, whether it’s a home or a business, there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration. How and when you move determines how much time and money you will spend. Knowing the right time to move and planning adequately for it determines how successful your relocation will be. Having the flexibility of choosing when to move is an added advantage as it gives you space to weigh your options. When moving as a family, everyone’s schedule should be considered, so that no one is inconvenienced in any way. You should take time to properly plan a move to makes sure it is smooth and successful.

Best Time of the Day to Move 

The best time to move is in the morning. Most professional moving companies like to begin work in the morning. Whether you have hired trucks or are using the services of a moving company, you should always strive to start early. This way, you get time to unpack and settle in your new home or office. However, if you are unable to move in the morning, you can save on costs by moving in the evening. Fewer people move in the evenings, and you’ll get a reasonable price at this time of the day.

Best Day of the Week to Move 

Most people prefer to move over the weekend, leaving the weekdays with less traffic. It is advisable to move on a weekday as there very few people doing the same during the week. If you can get a day off from work on a weekday, you should use that opportunity to move and use the weekend to settle into your new home.

Best Time of the Month to Move 

There is usually a lot of traffic in the beginning and at the end of the month. This is because most leases are up at this time. The best time is in the middle of the month as not many people are moving at this time. The reason for your relocation might be:

Depending on the reason why you are moving, such as a new job, growth in the family, health reasons or retirement, make sure that the date you choose does not inconvenience you or anyone else. Even though saving money is important, you should always prioritize your comfort and that of your family.

Best Time of the Year to Move

The majority of Americans tend to move in the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Moving companies have peak and non-peak seasons. Peak seasons run through spring and summer or March through October, while the non-peak season is typically in fall and winter, such as mid-September through April. It is advisable that you move during the non-peak season when professional moving companies are not in demand as much, which helps you save on costs.

Other Factors to Consider

Apart from the timing and the means by which you choose to move, there are other factors to consider, like your budget, family members and work flexibility. A move that involves you alone is much more comfortable compared to one involving a family. For instance, you should always make sure you are moving at the end of a school year so that your children’s education is not interrupted.


Choosing the right time to move and the best means to do so are among the critical decisions you need to make before moving. Contact Winter Moving and Storage for assistance on your upcoming move.


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