You are currently viewing Winter Moving & Storage was Awarded the “Superior Packing Award” by Atlas Van Lines.

Winter Moving & Storage was Awarded the “Superior Packing Award” by Atlas Van Lines.

One of the most stressful activities people do each year is moving. Luckily, relocation has been made a whole lot easier by the existence of reliable moving companies. If you’re contemplating moving your home or business to a different location, you can count on the services of Winter Moving & Storage, whether your move is local or international. Our company has ample experience, having been in business for over 40 years.


Winter Moving & Storage was founded by John Winter and has not only been providing moving services, but storage options as well. John worked as an Atlas driver in college before establishing this family business. His company thrived mainly during the rapid growth of the northwestern area of Arkansas. It was during this time that the establishment built its first warehouse. Their storage system is designed to accommodate all kinds of needs. The company rapidly grew from an eight-employee- and three-truck operation to a 43-truck- and 45-worker establishment. Winter Moving & Storage will gladly provide you with packing and storing services, satisfying your local and international, commercial and residential needs.


Winter Moving & Storage has been in partnership with Atlas Van Lines for many years. Their mission has been to provide exceptional, quality moving services. Atlas Van Lines is well known for its impeccable household moving and storage services and owns over 400 agents, including Winter Moving & Storage Company. Winter Moving & Storage owns and operates warehouses and state-of-the-art equipment that aid us in providing our customers with unbeatable storage and moving services. With the diversified strength and services acquired through several partnerships, the movers are dedicated to continue improving their standards.

Awards Won

Since its establishment, Winter Moving & Storage Company has been continuously awarded. The founder, John Winter, and his team have won Atlas Quality Awards 12 times between 2004 and 2015. WMSC has also recently won the most prestigious honor, the Milton M. Hill Quality Award. This award was created in devotion to Mr. Milt Hill, one of the most adored directors in the company. Through aiming for the absolute best, the director put Atlas Global on the map of professionalism and excellence. To the entire Atlas moving staff, the Superior Packing Award is the ultimate mark of great work and distinction.

Qualification for the Award

Any recipient of the Atlas Quality Award must meet certain standards. The standards range from customer satisfaction to warehouse ratings to safety points. A potential recipient needs to receive the Hauling Excellence Prize before qualifying for the ultimate award. This means you must demonstrate excellence in operational management and receive a minimum of 90 percent of favorable feedback.  The Atlas organization also offers other quality awards that include the Atlas World Class Commitment Award, the Specialized Transport Group Quality Award, and the Superior Packing Award. To receive any of these awards, a thorough evaluation and inspection must be conducted. Customer feedback is also a crucial aspect of the qualification standards.

Receiving the Superior Packing Award goes to show that Winter Moving & Storage is among the most competent and respectable moving companies in the country. Established in 1979, we have been helping people move and store their equipment and belongings for more than 40 years. Based in northwestern Arkansas, Winter Moving & Storage is popular for the unique services we offer. There are numerous reasons for relocations, but we treat every job as unique and important.

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