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Moving to another country is stressful and time-consuming. Often, most businesses and individuals make mistakes during the process. However, our moving company can help you avoid these mistakes and help everything run smoothly. We are a dedicated moving company providing vital services to help make your move less stressful.

Here are the moving services we offer that you should know about:


There are lots of international moving services with several options to choose from. You can contact us for more information regarding the services you need. Here is a list of services you may opt for when relocating internationally.


Our door-to-door shipping services work exactly as stated. It involves picking up your goods from your home and delivering it to your destination. The benefits include any port-related charges and customs clearance.


Our international moving company offers port-to-door services. It is suited for individuals residing near US ports and can drop their goods at container freight stations and let our employees take care of the rest, including moving your goods from the port to your oversea residence.


Our door-to-port moving services involve moving your goods from home to the port of the country you plan to move to. You could save some money with this arrangement; however, you’ll be responsible for arranging transportation from the port of entry and customs clearance costs.


Port-to-port services are the most hassle-free and are the best option for individuals moving on a budget. Our moving company will pick up your goods from your primary destination and deliver them to your final destination. All you have to do is drop them off and pick them up from both destinations.

Other services we offer include:


We offer packing as a standard service. Individuals may choose to pack their goods themselves; however, they should be aware of the limited insurance coverage provided. You should contact our company for more information about getting the best insurance coverage.


Most businesses and individuals have thousands of dollars of valuables to move to a different country. Choosing a reliable moving company providing good insurance for your goods can help you rest easy knowing they are appropriately taken care of. Our insurance helps protect your goods, giving you peace of mind and reducing international moving costs.

PBO (Packed by Owner)

This type of insurance is meant for individuals who want to pack their household goods. However, you must note that our company provides limited insurance if you choose this option. The insurance covers the complete loss of your goods amounting to your claimed value.

Professional pack

This is an all-risk insurance covering your household items. It offers the best coverage and applies when you hire us to pack your household items professionally. The insurance covers individual items depending on the declared value.


We offer reliable storage services to smoothen the moving process. We provide an option to store your goods in your primary country of residence or at the destination. Individuals who choose to store their goods in the destinated country will have them delivered once they are ready.


We provide reliable estimates for international and local moves. These include bottom-line door-to-door moves, including materials and packaging. Additionally, we have trained movers, experienced in proper international loading and wrapping techniques. This helps make the international moving process easier and less stressful.

Conclusion: Winter Moving & Storage- International Moving Services

Winter Moving & Storage is a dedicated moving company with decades of expertise and unsurpassed experience. We have moved clients abroad to several destinations, including Asia, South America, Europe, etc. You can count on us for reliable customer service and safe transportation.


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