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Winter Moving & Storage Offers Free Moving Estimates!

If you are contemplating moving your home especially during the winter, hiring a professional moving company to handle the task on your behalf might come in handy. This is undeniably a great idea, but you should pay attention to free moving estimates. There are numerous reasons why moving quotes are essential and learning about them is highly recommended.

For instance, some fraudulent people pull scams online by adding unnecessary fees to your moving charges. By receiving a free moving estimate well beforehand, you will minimize the risks of being scammed. It is also recommended that you avoid using the services of moving companies that refuse to inspect the items you want to move before providing a free moving estimate.

Moving costs are significantly dependent on the type of move (long distance or local), the size of your luggage, and your choice of company. If you are looking to hire a competent moving company like Winter Moving & Storage, this is how they are going to calculate your relocation cost before handing you a free moving estimate.

Local Moves

If your mover considers your relocation to be local, they will probably charge you a flat rate by the hour for the entire duration of your move. The time the movers take to complete your relocation will significantly determine the amount of their free moving estimate. For instance, you might incur elevated charges if the movers disassemble, wrap and pack your belongings before loading them onto their truck. This is in addition to driving you to your new home before unloading and unpacking everything upon arrival. In this case, you are likely to pay considerably more than if you’re moving a couple of pre-packed boxes and a few furniture items between houses on the same street.

Long Distance Relocation

If you are looking to relocate to a residence that is more than 100 miles away from your home, your move will be considered long distance. The price displayed on the free moving estimate for a long distance move will depend on the cumulative weight of your items and the distance over which you require the movers to ship them. Most companies will charge you a rate per pound and a rate per mile.

If you are contemplating booking a long distance move, you will want to go for an in-home free moving estimate to allow the specialist an opportunity to assess your belongings and supply you with an accurate quote. It is also imperative to inquire about extra fees before embarking on your long distance move, so you don’t get surprised with additional charges for tolls and fuel among other driving-related expenses.

Extra Fees

When your potential mover supplies you with a free moving estimate, they may fail to mention that you might incur extra fees on your anticipated moving day. Some of the services that will require you to pay extra costs include packing services, long carries and stair carries, blanket-wrapping, packing materials, moving specialty items, shuttle services, storage and insurance among others.

When looking to relocate, you might forget about the importance of getting a moving estimate. Such a quote will not only allow you get good value for your money, but it will also prevent you from experiencing moving scams especially those operating online. When planning your relocation, it would be wise to hire Winter Moving & Storage, a competent and trustworthy moving company that will provide you with an accurate free moving estimate. This will allow you to adequately prepare your move without worrying about unexpected extra charges that you might otherwise incur.


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